WTI Crude Oil Speculators raised their bullish bets for 3rd straight week

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*COT Report: The COT data, released to the public every Friday, is updated through the latest Tuesday (info is old) and reveals a quick view of how large speculators or non-commercials (for-profit dealers ) as well as the commercial traders (hedgers & traders to company purposes) were housed at the futures markets.

Substantial energy speculators continued to boost their bullish internet positions from the WTI Crude Oil futures markets this week, according to the latest Commitment of Traders (COT) data published from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on Friday. The hottest COT info is now up to date after waits in preceding weeks due to the government shutdown.

Over the exact weekly reporting time-frame, by Tuesday on Tuesday, the WTI Crude Oil Futures (Front Month) closed at approximately $56.56 which was an increase of $1.06 from the last close of $55.50, according to unofficial market statistics.
This is a weekly lift of 21,130 net contracts in the previous week which had a total of 327,671 online contracts.

The CFTC Forex dealer places based on commercial hedgers (traders using futures contracts for hedging as part of their business), non-commercials (large dealers that speculate to recognize trading gains ) and nonreportable traders (usually smallish traders/speculators).

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The week’s web position was the consequence of the gross bullish position (longs) rising by 11,421 contracts into a weekly total of 497,656 contracts when compared with the gross bearish posture (shorts) which saw a decline by -9,709 contracts for the week into a full of 148,855 contracts.
WTI Crude Oil Commercial Positions:

WTI Crude Oil Non-Commercial Speculator Positions:
The commercial traders place, hedgers or traders engaged in selling and buying for company purposes, devoting a web ranking of -357,575 contracts over the week. This was a weekly decrease of -19,955 contracts by the total web of -337,620 contracts reported that the prior week.

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Find CFTC criteria here: (http://www.cftc.gov/MarketReports/CommitmentsofTraders/ExplanatoryNotes/index.htm).

The net speculative position has climbed for three consecutive weeks and with a total of 60,587 contracts at that period. The current standing is now at the highest level since November 20th if the net position totaled 367,178 contracts.