WordPress Currency Converter Plugin

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Hey there.

I’ll be showing you how to adda currency converter to your WordPress website.

To do this, we’ll need to install a newplugin.

The plugin we’ll install is called Currencyr.

So let’s install that, and activate.

Once you do that, you should see a Currencyr link available in the sidebar.

Firstly, chooseyour base currency, then choose the provider.

You can select how many times you want yourrates to update, and then leave the rest as default.

You can change it if you like.

Ileave it as default, and then save changes.

I’ve noticed this plugin actually takesa while to save, so be patient.

To be honest, that actually took about two minutes for meto save.

So don’t be alarmed if it’s taking you a while.

Just click the Save button, andthen be patient.

So the next thing you do once you set that up is you can go to theAppearance Tab, and into Widgets.

You can add this Widget into a sidebar.

So you’llsee the currency widget here.

Drag that into your sidebar.

Give that a title.

And then,in this box here, enter the currencies that you want to display separated by commas.

Solet’s say the Euro, okay.

Then, simply click Save.

You can choose whether to show the converteror not.

You’ll see what that looks like in a second.

There you go.

There is our currencyconverter with the converter over here, which you can disable by deselecting that checkbox.

So there you go.

There’s an easy way to add a currency converter to your WordPresswebsite.

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Let me know if you have any questions.

See you next time.

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WordPress Currency Converter Plugin

A cool way to add a currency converter to your WordPress website.

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