Why should you trade Forex?! Episode -5

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what's up guys my name is Behrooz and thisvideo I'm going to talk about why you should trade Forex and take yourlife to the next step, stay tuned okay let's dive into it why should youtrade Forex so I have put together some reason and that why you shouldtrade Forex and I have also tried to compare the Forex market and Forextrading lifestyle with the stock market and Futures market so firstof all it is a 24-hour market what does that mean it means that you canbasically trade anytime you want you don't have to be worried about 9 to 5 having a boss and you can choose basically what time you want to tradewhat time you want to basically dedicate to the market and your business andobviously it doesn't mean that you can use to trade 2 hours, 3 hours you haveto work hard it's a 24 hour market that means there is 24 hour business now butthe benefit is that you can choose from anywhere that you want anywhere in theworld from whether that's U.

S United Kingdom Australia Japananywhere that you wanna be you can trade and there is always a market time thatyou can basically trade efficiently now thenext one is no Commission when you comparing the Forex market to thebasically other stuff like a stock market and future market there is very veryclose to non-commissioned in the Forex market because we have some brokers theyall even offer you zero commission because basically the brokers get to make theirmoney from their spread the price of bid and the price of ask so that'sanother benefit the third point is that Forex market is very liquid market whatdoes that mean as we said in the couple of last videos Forex market is almost thebiggest financial market in the world and with all the countries that areparticipating in it it makes it very huge and liquid and the benefit of thatis that you can cash any time that you want your money and it is basically easyto take your money out of the market right away whereas in a stock marketyour times are limited to trade let's say if you in Australia and you are tradingyou only can trade from 9 o'clock in the morning up to 5 o'clockin the afternoon sometimes 4 o'clock and the rest of the day your money is thereand you cannot cash out your money so that's another one let's move to thebasically next one which is no middleman no middleman I think it is veryimportant that there is no middleman in Forex market with that beingsaid nobody actually buys something from other person and puts their percentage on itand sell it to you and it is very beneficial and the second one is low transactioncost the transactions are as you know is pretty expensive while you are purchasinganything whether it is from the stock market or futures it is very expensiveto transact it to your name and whether CFT's are different story but in thereal stock market the transaction costs are really highlow barrier to enter what does that mean that means that you can basically tradeit from any point of time that you want and any particular price that you wantso there is no much barrier while you wanna to enter to trade and you don't need toyou don't need to be a highly regarded investor or everything so that'sanother one which is really important the next one that I really love aboutthe forex market is that there is no fixed lot size now some of you may maynot know about what is Lot we will get to that later on there onthe video series but what does that mean simply is that while you are purchasing aparticular let's say future the amount of lot is fixed let's say for gold orsilver or any other stock futures the amount of lot is fix it means thatyou have to buy at least a minimum amount of something but in the Forexmarket you're free to buy as little as 1000 unit let's say 1000 for example$1000 or one 1000 Euro up to the millions that's a that's anotherthing that is really helpful that gives you the freedom that youcan basically trade with very little money in the Forex market and the nextone is also one of my favourite which is no one can control the market so Forexmarket is so huge and the magnitude is so big that even a central bank a bigbank from a country can not basically move the price of any market they can move but the moves are not really significant compare it to stock marketa company can easily manipulate the prices and there is a middlemanwhile you trading a stock that the middleman can manipulate the price as well sothere is more possibility of losing your moneyso the next one is leverage which is really great and what does actually theleverage means leverage is basically a borrowed money that some of the brokerwill basically allow you to use in order to control a larger position in thefor example some of the broker they offer 1 to 500 it means that foreach $1 you can control a $500 position let's say for $1,000 you can control upto $500,000 position in the forex market which is really great I mean in stockmarket the maximum of leverage that I have seen it is around 10 sometimesmaybe 5 so having leverage it could make itrisky as well because you could lose faster as well but we will teach you howto control your risk and basically you can reach your goal with using leverage muchquicker than without leverage so that's really important the next thing that I want to talk is basically comparing actually the Forex marketversus stock market Forex market need vs.

futures market so we will notgo really in a specific details we will just mentioned some stuff and later down theroad we will explain everything in detailsso as you can see right now again its market is a 24-hour market basicallya stock market is just like 9 to 5 futures as wellso next one is minimum or no Commission which is good a stock market actuallythey manipulate the prise and also the Commission is high so it's not really agreat thing for your portfolio then same goes with the futures market so inForex market there is a guaranteed limited riskwhat does that mean in a stock market sometimes while you're trading aparticular stock in order to a stock go to zero it justtakes a company to basically mess up their something and the company's stockwill go to zero and you lose everything but in the forex market in order for acurrency to go to zero the actual economy need to be absolutely destroyedwhich is impossible so that's a guaranteed risk over there and the nextone is price certainty so in the Forex market sometimes what happens is thatthe execution is fast and the price is certain what what does that mean isthe price doesn't move really up and down and you can get a feel for theprice that what the price could be six months down the road even, but stockabsolutely no way future same up to five hundred to one leverage which isgreat they don't offer a stop either feature no middlemansaying goes instant execution of market orders which is really great becausesometimes way when you are trading quick and you want to be I mean I don't wantto use the terminology let's say it is a scalping or somethingwhile you trading really quickly sometimes the execution is reallyimportant because you want to straight away buy at one price and if theexecution is not quick it would take time and the price could be different so in thestock market you don't and future market you don't have those abilities it takesa while to execute something that's why sometimes even they don't feel yourorder in the stock market and your your order get rejected or they say refilland stuff like that which is makes your opportunities limited in order tobasically get into the one price at your you're interested innext one is short-selling without an uptick though this is really important as wellbecause sometimes in u.


I understand that you you are not allowed to hedgethe market which which means that you are not allowed to sell something andtake the other side you always can buy something and theydon't borrow you money in order to sell something hedging but fortunately for othercountries you are allowed and especially in Forex market in other countries youare allowed to do that but in stock market you are not allowed to short selland borrow money or stock of a company and short it hedging and same goes as futures andthere is tons of more other benefits of trading Forex that I can go on and onfor 24 / like a Forex market but the thing that I really want to address is thatif the Forex market gives you the ability to choose even if you are notlet's say rich person get into the forex market let's say you got a 9 to 5 joband after the job you coming home and you want to trade Forex there'smarkets open around the world that you can still trade them even up to themorning that's one of the really good benefits of Forex market in this channelour goal is to teach you how to trade Forex properly so if you are reallyinterested in doing so please just subscribe to our Channel and like thevideo if you just make sure if you have any question leave that leave them inthe comment section below and I'll make sure to answer them as best as i couldthank you for watching this video I'll see you in the next episodepeace.

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Why should you trade Forex?! Episode -5

Why should you trade Forex?! Episode -5

In this video i'm explaining why you should trade Forex and explaining why trade Forex instead of sock and futures .
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