Why Currencies Are Used?

People often wonder why we use currency. It is not the root of all evil. It actually serves some purpose. Money or the stuff in your wallet that you use to buy things with is a very convenient means of getting the goods and services that you want. Believe it or not but it is the best forex trading system to date. Several thousand years ago, there was no money. People would meet at the market square and trade their basket of eggs or bushel of apples for bread or cloth.

After a while, this became inconvenient as people began to travel the trade routes. Instead if having to carry goods, money became an easier way to get the goods and services that were needed. Money today and back then was not the actual production itself. It stood for production as it does today. One does their job for the week and gets paid for those hours and is then able to go to the mall and buy what they want with it. You no longer have to take eggs, gallons of milk, etc. to trade for other goods. This made things so much easier for the consumer.

The problem with money comes in only when it is not measured by production. Buying and selling money is not producing or creating anything. It is when the money markets are manipulated that money is not worth what it should be. World bankers are the ones who are to blame. These individuals crash the markets and economies of countries in order to profit from them. This is evil and its purpose is to ruin nations as forex trading tips the balance to those who set interest rates. If you dont pay back your loans, watch out because you will be a target. The bankers print fiat money, which is not based on any gold or silver standard. This makes it only worth the paper that it is printed on.

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