What One Dollar Equals in Costa Rica

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Hey there, I’m Evelyn Gallardo and I’mSabrina.

And, we’re coming to you from the DiscoveryBeach House in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, and we’re sitting on the terrace, just havingour morning coffee, right outside the master bedroom, looking out at the ocean.

Anyway, welcome to FAQ, our frequently askedquestions, and Michelle Fichetti, from Bloomfield, West Virginia, wants to know, “What is thecurrency exchange rate?” Great question.

Turn you over to Sabrina, she’s our concierge.

Well hello there.

Well basically the currency rate can fluctuatealmost on a daily basis, so it’s always good to take a look and see what it is.

But the easiest system to follow is basicallytaking a look at a thousand mil is not a thousand dollars but you just get rid of all theseextra zeros and you times that by two.

Yeah, the first number by two.

So basically, that’s two dollars.

A mil is two dollarsTwo mil is four dollars.

The five, one of my favorites because of thelittle monkey right there, that’s ten dollars.

And, the sloth over here, that’s twentydollars.

And, the twenty mil, with the little hummingbird,that’s forty dollars.

And, pretty much the exchange over here inManuel Antonio, they’re so use to tourists, that they’ll accept American dollars aswell as your Colones.

They’ll actually give you the price of yourdollars and then as well as the price of your Colones.

Right, and don’t exchange your money atthe airport because they give a terrible exchange at the exchange booth.

You want to go to a national bank and thetaxi driver will accept dollars.

So, I hope this was helpful Michelle and thankyou for that great question Michelle Fichetti by the way.

And, so, thank you for joining us for ourQ&A.

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What One Dollar Equals in Costa Rica

We are often asked how is the exchange rate determined in Costa Rica, or more specifically, what one dollar equals in Costa Rica. The money in Costa is the colon and the plural is colones. Interesting history lesson here. If you guessed the colones was named after Christopher Columbus, you would be correct!

Evelyn Gallardo, owner of the Discovery Beach House (http://DiscoveryBeachouse.com) in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, and her Concierge, Sabrina, discuss the colorful Costa Rican colones, and how to determine the equivalent dollars to colones. They also cover the best places to exchange your dollars for colones in Costa Rica and whether the US dollars are also accepted in Costa Rica.

We hope this helps you in planning your next Costa Rica vacation. We definitely hope to see you in Manuel Antonio at the Discovery Beach House.


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