Weekly Forex Forecast: Jan 29 – February 2 2018 – Forex Trading Guide

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Ohwelcome everyone to our weekly forex market analysis call and this is inpreparation for treating for the week of January 29th to February the 2nd 2018and before we get started just a quick disclaimer trading is a risky businessso please be careful with you money and you want to follow the general rule ofinvestment don't invest what you cannot afford to lose so please be careful withthe with your money markets have been a little volatile since the beginning ofthis year there's a lot of political stuff going on so please make sure youare managing there is properly and keeping the position size is small allright so let's dive into it now to start things off with as usual we'll take alook at our forex factory calendar here and let's see what's coming up this week you all right so to start the week off wedon't have a ton of read data we do have personal spending and cold PC priceindex number so they are orange so in terms of the orange news when themarkets are volatile orange news tends to have greater impact on the market sojust keep that in mind personal spending is an important number because it showshow how the consumer is doing if the if people are spending money that meansthat shows confidence in the economy if this star start to sort of save moneyand poured money that shows that the that consumers don't have confidence inthe economy so that's why that number is important trade balance number is alwaysan important number this is for New Zealand dollar and it will have animpact of the New Zealand dollar if the number is too far off of what theforecast is and then we have business confidence number out of Australia thatwill have a compliment that will have an influence on Australian dollar for sureso we'll keep that in mind going into Tuesday here we havepreliminary CPI a number and so this is the our inflation so it looks like thenumber is expected to drop so keep that in mind and then net lending toindividuals this is another number so this is not critical news but like Isaid if when the markets are volatile these orange news tend to have moreimpact on the market so net lending also shows confidence so if people areborrowing more money and banks are lending money that is good it shows thateverybody has confidence in the economy and if the number drops too much then itmeans that the banks are not comfortable lending money to individuals thatreflects poorly on the economy of the country flash GDP non GDP numberimportant number here consumer confidence number so this number isanother number that the banks will look at or itsor the markets actually I should say pay more attention to this number becausethis consumer confidence number it reflects how people are feeling aboutthe economy and kind of ties into the personal spending if people are spendingmoney if they feel like they have their jobs and they'll be able to make moremoney they'll all tend to you know have confidence in the economy and they willhave they will be spending more so this will be an important number and then wehave Bank of England governor Carney speaking anytime we have any bankerspeaking central bankers speaking it will have an impact so with this caseright now we see that US dollar has taken quite a hit over the last littlewhile and yes dollar has been dropping so we've been hearing last week we haveWorld Economic Forum meetings so there are a lot of comments coming fromdifferent officials from different countries so that kind of was creatingvolatility in the market so now at this point central bankers are very veryimportant because we are for the last ever since the big financial drop therewe thought that central bank's kind of took you know you know they weredropping rates and now we are at that turning point where the monetary policyand a fiscal policy especially the monetary policy is changing right now socentral bankers are playing a very important role we have been seeing a lotof countries raising rates so that's why the focus is very much on what thecentral banks are going to do how they view what's going on in the market andhow are they going to react to it market participants want to get ahead of thatso it drives a lot of market sentiment so keep that in mind so any time we havethis kind of any central banker speaking or coming up you know having passingcomments it will be important it will move the marketsand then Australia CPI number its inflation number one of the numbers thatcentral bank will follow so we'll have to so that's usually market drivingnumber and then mean CPI number so that will have an impact on Australia andthen we have President Trump speaking so last week was interesting because weheard nothing he said that US dollar a weak US dollar is good for exports andas a result of that we saw US dollar take a big tumble and then PresidentTrump essentially came back and saidcompletely opposite of what he's been saying over the last you know ever sincehe came into presidency and also what munchkin said so he essentially saidthat US dollar will be strong again and he's very confident that US dollar willremain strong so they kind of went in the opposite direction in terms ofcomments so now we're gonna have to really focus on present Trump has beenvery bearish on the dollars he's been trying to drive the dollar down he didnot he does not want interest rate hikes he's been doing the tax reforms and allthat kind of stuff so these things are he wants to basically drive exports andthe one way to drive export is if your currency is weaker because then morepeople want to buy your products so that's what he's been trying to do sovery important that we pay attention to that even though this is in the eveningit can drive markets and then replays of these interviews and these speeches willhave an impact on the market so keep that in mind going into Wednesday hereGerman retail data as all of those we have oranged a big thing on Wednesdaywould be the non-farm employment change so that will be very important and thenwe have GDP numbers for Canada another important number Thursday we have FOMCstatements so this will be the biggest event of the of the week for usanytime there's FOMC it will drive the market anytime there's ECB statementthat will drive the market so at this point they're not expected to changeinterest rate for the u.


here however what the market will be looking forwould be forward-looking statement as to what's going on with the Fed becausethere is change in leadership as well as what their policy will be now that theleadership is changing and they already have done a few interest rate hikesmarket will be looking to see how they speak what their commentary is so thatthe market can figure out what to expect from the Fed going forward so this willbe a very important FOMC meeting and I expected to drive the market so expectvolatility in the market during this time and then we also have crude oilinventories which will be important for the Canadian dollar the commoditycurrencies have done quite well and part of it has been driven by strong oil andso we'll have to keep an eye on this because that will definitely have animpact on oil and as a result of that Canadian dollar as well Thursday we havemanufacturing PMI numbers for British Pound PMI numbers a pre is a leadingindicator so that will be important going into Thursday we also have PMInumbers for us here and again that will be importantFriday is another very very important day for the US dollar so the focusreally will be on the US dollar for this week so on Friday we have constructionPMI out of British Pound sorry out of UK there so it will have an impact onBritish Pound non-farm payroll number this is a big market mover as well sothis week I'm expecting a lot of volatility from the US dollar side justbecause we have FOMC as well as non-farm payroll just the non-farm payroll on itsown tends to be market moving so you combine the twothat will be that will definitely have an impact on the market so expectvolatility in the US dollar the others are okay that we do have some data orother crosses or other currencies but US dollar will definitely be the focus forthis upcoming week all right so let's move on to the chartsnow we will start off with our euro US dollar here we've had a big week for theeuro dollar here we are all the way up into this previous level and we haven'tso we saw this huge drop and since then market just sort of consolidated oraround here it didn't break below and now it has been going upso after this drop now we have filmed this entire see how illiquid the pricewas here all of that has been filled we are back to those previous highs that wehaven't seen in quite some time at this point if we take a look at thischart here so we have we have this pullback and then we are looking foranother move to the upside so that's sort of what we are seeing right now theonly thing that will that will change this will be the FOMC and the data thedata that comes out of the US at this point I'm not really expecting that tobe very bullish because all those tax cuts and stuff like that they're they'redoing in the US if the Fed still keeps on raising rates it will negate some ofthe impact from these fiscal policy perspective so as a result of that I'mnot actually really expecting a ton of bullishness out of them so what thatmeans is we could see if they they show dumbest Ness if they're neutral thenthen it's okay but if they are if they show any kind of diminish divisionistwe could see this go up all the way back into these previous levels here becausewe are doing this sort of move here that's what you would normally expectfrom this type of a move so coming back to our analysis we are almost at thislevel that we were looking at last time so now the focus will be on the nextlevels to the upside so 128 80 be the target to the upside the outlookhere is bullish for euro US dollar we could see a drop or pullback I shouldsay like this and then the move back up and once we get past this 125 80 levelwe are looking for this type of a move so that's what I would be expectingpullback and then another push to the upside and if we break this thisprevious support and resistance level which comes all the way here 125 80 thenwe're looking for another move to the upside and the target would be 128 80and if the Fed is bearish then that move will basically happen quite quickly sothat's that's the outlook for euro US dollar next one here is take a look atBritish Pound British Pound here we are we are filling this inefficient move tothe downside from brexit we are pushing higher here so this is also bullish wehave a bullish close for the week in this case I would be looking for afurther move to the upside so outlook for pound is also bullish and in termsof the type of move I would be looking for would be something like this I'mlooking for pullback we could get a pullback here and then another move totester this week's high once we break here looking for a similar move inBritish Pound as well as we have seen in in the Europe so this type of a move soas we can see the bias still remains to the upside and it has over the lastlittle while and our the bias has turned very very bullish here the last fewweeks if we take a look at it all the candles are green and they are stillstaying green so big move up so looking for a bit of a pullbackinto 1.

30 950 level and then first target would be one point 43 50 leveland then that second target would be one point 47 50 now with all these uscrosses we do have to keep in mind the FOMC that's coming up which will have animpact on us because it could it will drive the u.


so that's something tokeep in mind but other than that as the technicals stand right now everything islooking very bullish against the US dollar so here we see Aussie dollar hereit has been one-way street for weeks now very very bullish we are into thisprevious resistance level and we have closed high into this so what that meansis that we could see the price though further so we're looking for a break ofthis level so this level has not been broken since July of 2017 or Septemberof 2017 it hasn't been tested since then but it hasn't been broken since March of2015 so it is a major resistance level but when price closes like that so muchinto it that it shows that the momentum is simply to the upside and we haven'thad even a single red candle close all this time so there is a lot of momentumto the upside in the commodity currencies here aussie US dollar so ourbias is stays to the upside for now and the target here would be zero pointeighty to ninety eight so about eighty three hundred zero point eight threezero zero so in this case important thing to keep in mind would be to lookfor a break a pullback and I want to see the price hold above this level for itto continue upwards so that's the type of move I am looking for target would bezero point eight three zero zero but first need to see a break then if pricestays above this break I don't want to take the break because it could justclear all the stock so I expect a lot of stuffon the other side of this so if we take a break it could just be running thestops and then pull back and drop so I want to make sure price first breaksthose that stays above and once it holds above that's though that's the time I'mlooking for along so biases to the upside for aussie dollar new zealanddollar here for this one as well biases to theupside we are into this resistance level as we can see we have seen the pricedrop here and as we can see previously last night price came here we saw aweekly kind of close to the downside and since then we have seen a draw now withthis one here the difference here was that price was already dropping and thatwas a pull back and this is a little bit in you know the on the opposite sidewhere price has the momentum to the outside so of all the differentcurrencies against the US dollar New Zealand dollar is probably the one whois not as solid right now so but keep having said that I would I'm stilllooking at the bias here as bullish so in this case as well I would look for apullback to look for a pullback sort of maybe into 70 to 50 level or even intothis 70 to 80 level and then looking for a move to the upside so first targetwould be 0.

74 30 level and once the price is able to break to the other sidepulls above this level then I'm looking for another move to the upside so againbetween us Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar Australian dollar is theone that is stronger at this point but once we see a break to the upside wecould see the price go to the next level which is 75 70s level back over here orthis assembly so let's assume it by 50 level so again bias to the upside theredollar cap dollar cat has broken below this level here that the price washolding below and then we saw saw the price push up so this is another dailyperspective and we were looking for price to hold below this 1.

23 80 leveland it did that so as we can see from the weekly perspective this is lookingquite bearish as well price did pull back here from weekly perspective aswell and it has dropped further so this islooking bearish and in this case I am looking for price to drop further so thefirst target would be one point 2120 and then after thatyou okay so that's the first target and thenwe are looking at this one 1.

1 950 so basically the bias is to the downsidethat's a very solid close for the week so target here would be one point twentyone twenty level in terms of dollar weakness I do seedollar weakness and it's not letting up and I was expecting actually dollar tostrengthen in early in the year because just because it's just been battered forso long now but that has not been the case nothing when nothing's reallysupporting the US dollar at this point there's a lot of political uncertaintyin the US is certainly not helping and some of the data hasn't been as good butregardless you know that's one size but then we are seeing more of positivenessfrom other countries as well so all these threats that negotiations wishingpositive comments coming out of it so you can saying they will be able tomaintain access to the European markets really positive for UK because they youknow they need to trade with the EU so so stuff like that so US dollar weaknessI am looking for more US dollar weakness but FOMC here will be very important andif FOMC is FOMC's bullish if the Fed is bullish then that's the only way I cansee US dollar strengthened at this point but do keep in mind though we are themarket is turning a very bullish at this point the sentiment has turned quitebullish for all the different cross it's a particular good girl that's a hugemove to the upside and we haven't really seen anything in the opposite directionso what that means is that everybody who's long here they haven't reallytaken their profits so we could see pull backs and we could see a week ofnegative week you know a move to the downside of pullback to the downside assome profit taking comes in so that's something we'll have to keep in mind soI I am bearish on use dollar at this moment but I would I be cautiousthat's what I can say I'm trying to personally I'm trying to avoid the USdollar because it has been volatile only thing I can see is everything is bullishagainst it so it is weak at the moment your Swiss franc here your Swiss francwe were able to break that trend line that we had talked about last week bigdrop here to the downside so let's take a look we can get rid ofall of that in terms of our targets I am looking for further move to the downsidethat is quite bearish but do keep in mind now we are into solid resistancehere 1.

15 80 level here we haven't broken this but that's a very bearishcandle it engulfs the entire price action to the other side so having saidthat what we could do is we could see a pullback into that level and thenfurther once the price breaks below at one point one five eight seven we couldsee a further draw so what I would look for is something like this so firsttarget would be one point one five eighty and then if once it stays belowthis level we're looking for it to hold below this level and then I would belooking for one point one four seven zero so this will be the target to thedownsides of bias is bearish but I am looking for a little bit of a pullbackthere and then once the price drops are sorry once the price goes below this1.

15 80 level I draw to the downside con Swiss francsame story we have seen quite a drop in this this is looking bearish as wellagain we are in two important resistance level which has which will turn intosupport here so we are into that level but we saw a very good double top inthis and now we have seen a very good a bearish candle here so this is againengulfs the price action from the previous two weeks so that looks bearishfor this one the target would be to the downside as well bias is bearish onepoint one point two nine so I would say about eighty level so one point two nineeight zero will be my target to the downside and we could get rid of theseso that's that's where we are again we need to see a break of this level whichis one point thirty two hundred and then I would be looking for a drop so we needto see price to break hold below this level so go and retestthis level again and then look for a draw to the next level one point twentynine eighty level so that would be some bias is bearish there dollar Swiss francwas the trade of the week ishes fell off of the cliff there sothis is our normal continuation pattern here price drops consolidates this is avery flat pattern and then drops further so now we are into that we have seenthat drop and that's a huge candle for the week so at this point biases bearishstill and this is real why I'm saying things but it changes turn around a bitso I'd be cautious so but I'm not willing to go completely bullish on USdollar at this point but I've been watching the market I'd be cautiousabout it because that's that's a big drop so at some point we do need to seesome callbacks and stuff like that right which is normal that I would expect fromprofit-taking so for now I'm looking for a bit of apullback into this previous support or resistance level at 0.

94 30 levelthen drop back to 0.

93 20 break and a further drop to the downside so bias isbearish but I would look for a pullback first this would be a good level towatch 0.

94 20 level once price stays below that level my first potentialshort entry will be below that and once price breaks the low here then I'mlooking for price pullback to a test again and then a drop further again withall the US dollar crosses FOMC would be a big thing this week alright so now weare into pound cat so from daily perspective pound cat is looking bearishhere but let's take a look at our weekly here so with the weekly this isit is kind of ambiguous here it's neutral we do have a long pin on top butwe have a green candle close so this I would say will be bullish to neutral forthis one important thing to that two targets I would set so this is how Iwill look at this once I'm looking for price to potentially test the top againand then drop so kind of like what we have talked about pounds this Frank herewe saw a double top and then a drop so that would be the first scenario my basecase scenario that I would be looking for so last time if we take a look at itsee there's another candle that looks very much like this candle right hereand see this candle is here so we saw we saw pins and then we saw a green candlelarge pink green candle large pin so that's why I'm saying it could go pushup higher but it started to run into trouble here so I'm looking for price totest the high again one point 7650 level here if it doesn't breakabove this I would be looking for a potential short here but we do need tokeep in mind what pound is doing because that will get reflected here as well sobut from from this perspective so that's my base case scenario the secondscenario will be that price goes and test this level again 1.

76 50 and thenit breaks through in that case I would be looking for a pullback into the samelevel again to test this level on the other side and then to go to the nextlevel which is our top that we haven't seen or the resistance level that wehaven't seen since May of 2017 so that's sort of what how I would be playing thisone on cap let's take a quick look at yen crosses here yenlooking we are yen crosses I should say the end is looking strong yen crossesare looking weak we have a pin bar here weakly close is into the pin bar but weare into resistance here so based on our pin bar I would look for Christ to dropand this will be similar to what we had talked about euro Swiss last time I'mlooking for price to do one of these go and test the trendline is this trendline has been in place for a while if it breaks then we could get similarscenario to our euro Swiss franc where price drops into the next level so mybiased for this one is bearish and I'm looking for a move back into 149 80level so the bias here is negative but the first would be somewhere in here soabout 150 200 will be the first target this up here we're looking at about 150150 will be the first target 149 80 will be the second target to the downside butthe bias is bearish euro yen here Yun has been trading in this range or havebeen trading in this range for some time and now it seems to want to come lowerso it hasn't broken the high here at this point it's it's not hugely clearbut I am seeing this as a bearish but we are into support here as well so this isstrong support price wasn't able to break this level for a long time and nowI would expect this level one 34.

50 level to give it trouble on the downsideas well so I want the price I want to see the price close on the other side ofthat level and then I will take then I am looking for price to drop once pricejust that so once we see a drop here into this area this range here then Iwould be looking for this type of move back towards the bottom of this range sowe just shift from the range bond market up top to thesecond level here so this is the closed weekly closest bearish my bias isbearish but I want to see the break below 134 50 level then do a test ofthat level from the other side once that level 134 or 50 starts to act asresistance and I'm looking for a drop in to 130 150 level into the bottom of thisrange right here so that's the type of behavior I'm looking for bias is bearishfor euro yen Aussie yen here Aussie is interesting we have not been able tobreak this one either so the bias on this one is bearish as well but we haveto be careful with what Aussie dollar does because if Aussie dollar turns verybullish this could go to the next level as well or if he's go too high onceagain and he's eighty nine point zero zero but for now because it hasn'tbroken the high in the last four weeks that means there is really not enoughmomentum to push the price to the next level so I'm looking for price to drophere in terms of target I would be my first target would be eighty seven pointtwo zero and then once we can see a clear break of that level so I'm lookingfor price to draw 87 20s the first target once we can see a break belowthat then only then I'd be looking for eighty five point nine two so whateighty six point zero zero so that's the type of move I would be watching for forAussie dollar yen last one durian just like dollar Swiss franc has been veryvery weak so this is what we're seeing right now so that's a very bearish closehere now we are into support so this level here this balance of price is sortof getting into those levels that we haveand seen in a long time so the bias here is bearish as well and we could see apull back into 109 80 level and then a drop so kind of like this so I'm lookingfor a bit of a pullback you know in the kind of the US dollar losses justbecause going into FOMC market participants may want to take some oftheir you know ditions out before instead of risking everything on FOMC sopeople may be wanting to close some positions as a result it will create amove in the opposite direction of the actual trans that's in place at themoment which could give us some opportunities to trade however I'll bevery cautious where the US dollar because I expect a lot of volatility inthe US dollar to speak so for this one my bias is to the downside I'm lookingfor a pullback into 109 80 level and then first target would be 108 20 leveland once price breaks that falls below that level 107:20 will be the nexttarget after that okay so that's that and Ozzy CAD ballsy cat that's not apair I tend to trade so let's take a look and we'll do gold in just a momenthere as well let me find that policy cat here we goall right you damn looks foolish and here we area straight-in dollar has been quite bullish so that looks like a bullish pinbar on the weekly so we have room to the upside here see how this dropped and dida test that's what I mean by the test what tends to happen a lot of times issee how the candle was very very strong when it closed here then the pricepulled back and then closed up bullish so that's what I mean when we talkedabout those if you're wondering whether it's a pullback mean and I've kind ofreceived that question in the comments on the YouTube channel sometimes ifyou're wondering what a pullback looks like this is what it looks like theweekly Clause was very bullish and price dropped came into this previousresistance level which turned into support see how try stayed above thislevel and then it pushed up from there so that's that's what a retracement orpullback website now we have a bullish pin bar here so in this case I'm lookingfor price to essentially go up so looking for a break first and then apullback like this and looking for price move to the next level which is 1.

0 thisprevious pin right here so that's that's the analysis on that so that looksbullish let's take a look at look at oil since we're looking at Canadian dollarthey're very bullish close see how price broke above this previous high so that'swhat the break looks like and now we have our and bullish flows here's a pooroil it looks foolish as well so oil I wouldexpect this looking for price to go into the next target which is sixty ninepoint thirty three four six nine thirty so pull back into sixty five twentyeight here and then a further move to the upside so if oil looks bullish thenCanadian dollar will be bullish as well which means dollar cat will be bearishlet's take a look at gold gold is bullish as well so we had a bearish toneutral close here price broke through the high andwe are looking foolish so this is where we are we're coming into resistance nowthough and gold sort of moves in the opposite direction of the US dollar soif price u.


dollar is weak Gold tends to go up so in this case I am let's takea look what are we looking at the bias is to the upside but because we have wehave the FOMC I would be cautious in this one I would look for a pullbacklike this and looking for a retest of the high at 1365 once we see a clearbreak and there has to be a clear break and then the next target will be 113 74point 80 level that would be the next target to the upside so that I'm bullishon this one but looking for a bit of a pullback here and looking for next moveto the upside so I would be very cautious though with the US dollaranything that is impacted by the US dollar so that's that is the dataanalysis and here's a question how do I decide which pairs to trade is there amax number of pairs to trade so I would say keeping the risk low so if we havetoo many trades on even if the risk per trade may be small but it getscompounded because we have if you take 10 trades then you're essentially evenif you're risking 1% all those tens trades together will give you a 10%respond your trades that's quite high in terms of the risk and the rule of thumbis one to two percent maximum of 5% but you don't want to be going over thatbecause what happens is it may look very good in an instant but things couldchange just like that and everything been going opposite directions I'd bevery careful with that depending on how many trades you can take willbe a function of your account size the larger that account the more trades youcan carry the smaller that count I would stick to the smaller number of tradesand best way to decide which pair to take a trade from if you're tradinglonger term the easiest thing is to look at like a strength meter somewhere whichgives you the currency strength but if you're trading short-term and daytrading it would really depend on what the level the price is at and from thereyou could just do a counter trend trade as well but now we're getting into toomuch technical 'ti so that's what I would be so yeah so that that would bewhat I'm saying another question is FX pro good you know what I've heard goodthings about the Efex Pro I'm not really affiliated with any brokers I do nothave any personal experience with FX Pro because they don't take clients from usin Canada so I am Not sure but having spoken to somebody who is in UK and whohas an account with FX Pro they said they are they are good they're happywith them that was the feedback that I have received I do use FX Pro for theiraudio feed which I which I can get with a demo account so that perspective Ireally like but they yeah they don't from what I understand they don't tradeagainst their own clients they just pass it on so they're easy on trader easy onbroker that's what I have heard but I would suggest you take do the duediligence when it comes to that ok so next thing I want to talk about is let'ssee you seem to have lost my okay I seem to havelost my weekly analysis sorry here we go one thing I did want to talk about isthe trade room a lot of people especially recently because I am gonnastart this challenge called how to trade a small account basicallythe challenge is going to start this week this coming week I'm going torelease a podcast tomorrow also I'm I need to record it right now what I'vedone is in November end of November I had done a podcast where I had sharedsome strategies on how to trade a small account and the strategies kind ofinclude not just the technical side of it but it is really about the processhow do you become a professional trader and now what I'm gonna do is so Decemberended up being crazy for me with the kids being sick and stuff like that soit was just did not have enough time to get the challenge started so noweverything's sort of back on track what I'm looking for is so what I'm gonna dois start the challenge this week so basically what does that mean so I havedeposited thirty five hundred dollars in a trading account I'm gonna it's a it'sit's like showing you what I'm doing behind the scenes so I'm gonna have someworksheets that you guys will be able to access so you can follow along of courseyou will trade your strategy however you want to trade so I've basically createdsome to create discipline and everything around that I've created some worksheetsso we can track our progress I will do the same on my end and every Friday Iwill be showing my account so you will see what happened and the point of thisis not that I'm going to be perfect the whole time it will be a real account$3500 for real money in there so it's not a large accountsmall account but the point is to be disciplined to be focused do our properanalysis and work that goes into becoming professional trading it likethe professional account and then we will get to review the results everyweek and not just that we'll also take a look at what happened how things wentthe good ugly and there will be times when you know I will run intopsychological issues and you will run into psychological issues in your ownaccount so we'll take a look at how we come back from that and how do wecontinue on this journey so the idea is to do this for a year but we'll startthis week so we'll so you'll be able to download the worksheets that I'vecreated for you to go along with this this first this Friday will be our firstactual live review I will send out the details on that if you're on my youtubechannel you will see those come out or if you're on the audio podcast you'll beable to see that as well I will try to send out the email to my mailing list aswell so people can access that information if you're interested so justkeep an eye out for for that kind of stuff so you will be connected if you'reinterested in following this journey along with me so all of that will bewill be live and you'll be able to access that I have been lately beengetting questions about that fragrance I just wanted to sharethat so in terms of the trade room there are multiple things that I do first isthe market review so we start with a weekly market review which we are oncurrently so this is for everybody but with the trade room it's a private Skypethat I had and that's where I generally share my trade ideas you know livemarket commentary and I do take live trades there so this is where I will sayI am entering the trade here this is my entry this is my stop loss this is mytake profit target so I will I post all of those things I also send them out asTwitter alerts on the skype group people are free to ask any other questions aswell and get feedback on any other you know charts they may be looking at so soSkype you may have more conversation Twitter will just have the signal sobasically the trades that I'm taking when I'm getting in and how I'm managingthe trades all of that goes out on the Twitter feed and that's in the lifemarkets every day we do daily Market Analysis call which is similar to thiscalled except it's on a daily basis so we look at a daily chart and we projectthe market direction for the next day so with that one we go through all thepairs that we did here today as well and the idea is that if you didn't want tobe in the trade room in the light trade room let's say you were in the time zonewhere you couldn't join me in the light rail room because I have trade theLondon session then you could take more of longer-term trade based on that soyou could take a trade off and now we chart or you can take put on pendingorders or something like that if you just wanted to test how those things ofcourse I recommend keeping your risk low or trying it out in general so we're notjust going crazy with it first so try those out in the in the demo timebecause technically that's not advice I'm just showing you what trades I amlook I'm taking and what trades what way I'm expecting the market to go all thetrades that I take I do have a stop loss and take profittargets in place which I share with everybody so you can sort of have a lookat that we do a members-only webinar every Friday which is an educationalwebinar so this is more of my teaching that I do so you get some of thateducation as long not just the trade alerts and then I also give you thepivot point indicator because that's one of the indicators I use personally soyou will get that pivot point indicator and we're looking at $97 a month sothat's that's the cost for that so if you guys wanted to join me you can go totrading with Venus comm inter trading their singles or you can just go totrading with Venus calm and just click on courses or what so work with me andyou will see that there and Rajeev is saying that counted ifsomeone followed your number of pips last week from weekly review they wouldhave made five hundred pips minimum so yeah we do the similar type of analysisI do every day which is looking at where I'm started to goum alright so okay so that's it and if somebody needs to get in touch with meyou guys can send me an email some people are asking some private questionsif you want to reach out to me you can just contact me at let me give you myemail address here so my email address is Roman X tradingwith Venus comso Rema n at trading the Venus calm and other questions on alsothe traits that I take in my account that I'll be trading will be the sametrades I would call I would post in the Skype chat room as well that's anotherquestion I have received on people so that's so if you have you know sobasically what I'm saying is every week on Friday you'll be able to see my liveaccount and how things went based on that so that's all I have hopethat answered some of the questions that was sent to me and over the last week orso so you guys have a wonderful weekend the rest of the weekend and I will seeyou again the next time bye for now.

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Weekly Forex Forecast: Jan 29 - February 2 2018 - Forex Trading Guide

This Forex Forecast video is a weekly preparation routine for the upcoming trading. We will take a deeper look into fundamental analysis or talk about economic news coming out this week and its implications. Also, keep an eye on each technical levels as potential trades can be spotted.

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