US Govt opposes request by binary options fraudster Lee Elbaz for foreign depositions

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The names of both Lee Elbaz and Yossi Herzog are associated in the past, since FinanceFeeds research has demonstrated. Herzog is the majority owner of Yukom Communications. Furthermore, Elbaz and Herzog have been famous for their work in 4XP.
Further, the Government asserts that it is unclear whether the deponents are not unavailable to testify at trial. Additionally, according to the US Authorities, it’s uncertain whether the suspect has shown that the proposed testimony is not material.

Let’s recall that Elbaz asks an Order permitting her to shoot videotaped depositions in Israel of Chanan Tabarko, Elad Bigelman, Nissim Alfasi, and Yossi Herzog so as to carry on the testimony of these people for trial. According to Elbaz, the interest of justice and unique circumstances service devoting her Motion.

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As a first matter, the US Government says the defendant’s movement should be denied in seeking those depositions until two weeks before trial for the delay in the absence of a compelling justification in her ex parte entry. Elbaz was indicted over a year ago (at March 2018). The Government has not been made to some excuse for this delay.

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A few weeks after Lee Elbaz, also known as Lena Green, the former CEO of Israel-based Yukom Communications who stands accused of binary options fraud in america requested to depose certain individuals, the United States Government has registered its opposition to the petition.

The details about Elbaz’s motion to depose Herzog along with witnesses are not made public. The relevant files are sealed.
At the Maryland District Court, the US Government filed its resistance on May 8, 2019. The US authorities note that Elbaz’s memorandum in support of her motion was filed ex parte and under seal, so the Government cannot determine if the requisite showing has been made by Elbaz .

Elbaz was detained by the FBI at September 2017. The Indictment charges with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and three counts of wire fraud. The Indictment alleges that Elbaz engaged for over three years (from roughly May 2014 and continuing through approximately June 2017) at a fraudulent scheme involving the sale and marketing of binary options — including as the Chief Executive Officer of both Yukom Communications. Yukom has been an Israel-based company that supplied sales and marketing and advertising solutions, such as investor”retention solutions,” for just two internet-based companies that sold and marketed binary options together with all the brand names BinaryBook and BigOption.