Two Veins Discovered at Joint Venture’s Polymetallic Project in Mexico

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Mineralization at the Venadas vein operates in a northeast direction and it is the first vein at the Fresnillo area to be oriented at a high angle to the mined northwest-running veins. Juanicipio is recognized to comprise larger northeast-oriented structures, not one of that has been explored so far. But with the Venadas vein discovery, they’ve become and now are priority targets.
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Resource: Streetwise Reviews   03/07/2019

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MAG Silver Corp. (MAG:TSX; MAG:NYSE.MKT) announced in a news launch that results from the 48-hole, 46,060 meter (46,060m) diamond drill program in the Juanicipio project it co-owns using Fresnillo Plc (FRES:LSE) were optimistic and unearthed a new discovery.

“The Valdecañas strand system also has emerged as a multistage, high-grade vein swarm comprising the rectal East and West veins, the hanging wall Anticipada vein, the newly discovered Pre-Anticipada vein and lots of different splays,” the discharge noted.
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Because of such drill results and the simple fact that the hole spacing in the deep corner is wide, MAG anticipates the Inferred category of Juanicipio tools to be affected the most.
The drill results not only confirmed section of the high level mineralization to depth but also expanded it at the East and West Valdecañas strand deep zones. The Deep zone West intersected 11.6m grading 783 g per bunch (783 g/t) silver and also 2.57 g/t gold at infill hole P22. The Deep zone East struck 6.3m grading 246 g/t silver and also 1.78 g/t gold from stepout hole P26.
Each the assays also contained lead, zinc and copper.
These geologic formations open new areas for mining on the house.
In another news launch issued the identical day, MAG Silver declared the mining group at Juanicipio found a new vein, also known as Venadas, which implies additional exploration potential there. The group members came upon it if they lined up 15 unconnected intercepts and subsequently confirmed it with drilling.

VEN-1, the very first drill hole targeting the Venadas strand, reduce 3m grading 392 g/t silver and 5.54 g/t gold. The base metals found were minimal in volume.

Exploration drilling continues at Juanicipio, as does growth of the surface and underground mines.

The aim of the campaign was to enlarge and infill the Deep zone nutrient resource estimate outlined at the preliminary financial assessment from 2017.
All intercepts are situated higher than 1,750m of elevation, with the majority of them “significantly higher” than 1,850m elevation, at which the top of this Valdecañas vein is situated. This suggests the Venadas vein has considerable thickness possible. “The cuts so far are at high elevations, therefore we are happy to drill them depth to find out if they improve like Valdecañas,” Chief Exploration Officer Dr. Peter Megaw stated in the launch.
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The findings did exactly the same for the Anticipada vein. Highlight infill hole P24-1 revealed 6.2m grading 275 g/t silver and 4.02 g/t gold.
Unexpectedly, the results revealed that a vein not seen earlier , the Pre-Anticipada vein, located in the hanging wall over the geological system. There, stepout pit P28 revealed 3.2m grading 472 g/t silver and 0.31 g/t gold.