The four currencies in life

I'm Mandy from Mindset for Success.

Today I'd like to share with you a concept about currencies in the world.

Often weget hooked up on money.

When we have a business, perhaps someone business is down, sales are not booming and there's always a thing about not having enough money.

Or, the focus is on money so if you can expand the concepts of currency and for a moment imagine that there are four currencies in money.

They all begin withG, so the first currency is 'get' and that is the equivalent of exchanging yourservices or something that you're giving away and you are getting money in return.

So that's additional currency and the one that most people focus on when they have a business.

The second one is 'gain'.

When you're giving away your services or yourhave serving others sometimes you might not get money but you may gain knowledge.

You may gain information and allow yourself to grow and develop.

So that'sthe second currency.

The third currency is 'grow', and this is when you're lookingat growth in your business.

Perhaps it's your network, your database or yourcontacts.

So that's the concept of growing in your business.

And the lastone is 'giving.

' Sometimes we may go and help people and when we do it with noexpectation in return, we are giving from our heart.

So those are the fourcurrencies and I challenge you when you're out in the world, whether it'sbusiness or life to ask yourself what did you have in return.

If you didsomething and you didn't get the money you want or it wasn't a transaction formoney, which one or more of the other currencies did you get.

And I guaranteethat you will often get the other currencies that aren't the 'get' for the cash.

You'll probably 'gain' 'grow' and 'give' and when you do this it can transform theway you show up in the world and it can also transform your business and aspectsof your life.

So those are the four currencies.

Thank you.

My name is Mandyfrom Mindset for Success.

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The four currencies in life
This video talks about the four currencies in life. They all begin with G and when you understand you will always be getting at least one, it can transform the way you view transactions in business and life.

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