The ESSENTIAL Forex Books – My Top 5!


reading and understanding thefundamentals of forex and appropriately applying the knowledge you receive cansave you thousands of dollars and invaluable time what is going on YouTubemy name is Sangev and just by clicking onto this video you have taken one steptowards a successful future in forex trading all the books that I'm gonna bementioning today's helped me become a consistent trader and without these Idefinitely wouldn't be where I am today of course paired alongside the charttime and experience the first book that I'm gonna be mentioning today is gonnabe naked Forex whenever any of my peers or anybody who direct messages me askshow do I start Forex and where do I even begin I always recommend this bookbecause not only does it teaches you the fundamentals it showcases differentsetups that you can apply in the foreign exchange market I highly recommend itand I continuously always do because it is definitely one that changed myoutlook on trading the most significantly the second book on ourchart today is trading from your gut I highly recommend this book because itshows you the power of chart time and experience and essentially showcases howimportant it is to get to a level and point where you're unconsciously andflawlessly making decisions in the foreign exchange market there's a lot ofquestions asking and revolving around this and essentially what I mean by itis when you get to a certain level of mastery in your craft people tend to dothings without even acknowledging it so for example when you're looking at amaster and you ask them how did you just do that a lot of the tunngle answer Idon't know I just did it it's because they've consistently done it overperiods and periods of time which is led them to master that particular craft andin 4 X this can be shown in this book the third book for today does not haveany direct correlation with fourths but then change the way you thinkdrastically you were born rich by Bob Proctor not only can change yourperspective but will have an overall exceptional impact with the standardsyou set in your life manifestation is key the fourth book I highly recommendis the discipline trader it showcases wide discipline andpatience are very important in the market and it gives you strategiestowards getting rid of any psychology issues that you may have Ihighly recommend this book because it also teaches you how to create astrategy for hunting tips in the foreign exchange market definitely give it alook the fifth and final book for today istrade what you see it's a book that focuses solely on technical analysis butalso showcases how to create a proper plan I really recommend this book forthose who want to get into technical analysis it's not how I trade but Idon't plan too full of people who actually do use those types ofindicators for confluences when they trade so if you want to get into thataspect of trading definitely give it a look I'm oh I have a price action justsimple maybe possibly some EMA's type of guy but it's how I trade price action isking at the end of the day what I did take away from that book though wasfocusing on one strategy that was profitable for you and then repeatingthat strategy and planned over and over and over again to a long period of timelike I've said it before in this channel Oryxis a marathon you may start with a hundred dollars today but over a longperiod of time if you do consistent profits with a certain percentile everysingle day you will have an abundant amount of capital at the end of a yearthat is all for the video today I hope you guys enjoyed I definitely want tocreate more sequels like this so if you guys have positive feedback or if youhave any questions please feel free to let me know I'm not sure how to make mynext video maybe talk about what brokerage I used possibly how I trademaybe my own trading strategy and setup or maybe just a day in the life ofcredit you guys let me know leave a comment down below and I will happilyget back to each and every one of you if you haven't already follow me on myInstagram because I always post my analysis everything all my story isthere so if you want an inside scoop on what I do I'm always up there and alsodirecting that's me there yeah you can also direct message me there I answerwait anyways hope you guys have a good day go kill them the market my name isSanjay once again you.

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The ESSENTIAL Forex Books - My Top 5!

The Best Forex Trading Books! Learn How To Trade Forex Consistently with The Fundamentals and Technical Analysis Gained Through Reading Books!

►Top 5 Forex Books:
1) Naked Forex:
2) Trading from your gut:
3) You Were Born Rich:
4) The Disciplined Trader:
5) Trade What You See:

►Reading and understanding the fundamentals of Forex, and appropriately applying the knowledge to your work can save you thousands of dollars and invaluable time. Today I showcase my top forex books that I highly recommend to beginners and intermediates. These books changed my perspective of the market and definitely had an impact towards my consistency as a trader. Knowledge is power! The skills you learn through forex will be a lifelong blessing!