we are done I am so excited to finallyhave this course release because I know how much of an impact it will have onthose wanting to become consistent in the foreign exchange market I truly wishI had this opportunity when I was first starting out because if I had access tothe knowledge that I've presented in this course and to a mentor I would havesaved tens of thousands of dollars and in valuable time this course is made insteps so you understand everything from the get-go I have included everything Ihave learned from creating a plan and mastering it to perfecting yourpsychology teaching you how to stay disciplined and patient as well asshowcasing a plan that I make in front of you and trading it successfullychanging their habits to become a successful individual and a betterversion of yourself and to top it all off I included thousands of dollarsworth of books for you to read the billionaire Warren Buffett says the moreyou learn the more you earn will also make it mandatory that you destroy themarkets through a demo account first to ensure you 100% ready to attack themarkets in real time like a lion and of course you have access to me and thegroup chat so you're surrounding yourself with people who consistentlypush you forward I will also include a 30-minute one-on-one session so that wecan tackle any problems that you have togetherthis is more than just a forex course it's a lifestyle course if you want toenroll into otm financials which stands for only the motivated financials thefirst ten students will receive a 30% discount essentially meaning theoriginal price of $500 will be deducted to 350 and the reason why I do charge isnot necessarily because I need the money but it's to incentivize the students andyou to ensure that you are putting a hundred percent in your actions and inyour efforts and with every single second that you put into this crap toensure that you were making the best of the investment that you have placed inas well as to ensure that you were doing everything in your white possibility andmine to go and have a brighter future I apologize for the lighting change as Iwas filming this video my camera broke and canon said it had something to dowith a motherboard so it looks like this is getting trashedgetting back to the main point of this video if you do want to enroll into thiscourse it's gonna be capped off at 20 so essentially I'm not accepting any moremembers pass then because I want to heavily focus on the 20 members toensure they're progressing properly in their forex trading journey and aregoing to become very consistent so because of these limited amount of spotsI want to essentially do an application basis for this program so send me anemail at T sanjeev at gmail.

Com change the subject line to change my life andin the description write down how many years of experience you have is ittwitter you can say you're just beginning new or sorry you can sayyou're just starting you have one year however many put it down there say whattype of trading strategy you think works for you so the scalper you're a swingtrader etc just that and say one of your strengths and weaknesses so for exampleone of my strengths is being very disciplined I can wait one of myweaknesses is I won't exit a trade because sometimes I get greedy so I needto have a take profit in place once this is done I will send you an invoice overPayPal through the email of only the motivated at gmail.

Com because that isthe name of this otm financials group and from there we will go for it I willsend you my telegram number or whatsapp I'm still in the process of choosingwhat's better but I'll send you that will start the group will start talkingand get you going everything right now is also in the Google Drive so make sureyou do have a gmail account so you can access all the photos and everything Iam in the process of creating website when we do become bigger so everythingis automated and easier but I really want to make this a very selectiveprocess because I want to make sure everybody that intake into this programis dedicated to this craft and is willing to put the work in my name isSangev once again I hope you guys enjoy this video if you have any questionsplease feel free to leave a comment down below and that is all for today have agood one guys.

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Learn Forex and Become a Successful Forex Trader! The Ultimate Forex Trading Course Has Now Been Created! This Forex Course Will Include Mentorship and ENDLESS knowledge via Forex Webinars, Forex Books, and best of all, Forex Simulation!

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1) How long you've been trading for.
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If you are accepted I will email you back and will send you a PayPal invoice! If you want to pay via CRYPTO please let me know ahead of time.