Muse “Knights of Cydonia”

I envisioned this video as a spiritual sister to my movie Torque. Motorcycles, kung fu, sexy blond chick, retro filmmaking. Not as much Ice Cube. Once Muse approved the concept, they gave me some money and just left me alone to make it. The question was…how the fuck do we make it?

My producer Richard Weager had the brilliant idea of filming it in Romania on a set left behind from the movie Cold Mountain. The exchange rate, plus Weager selling off his liver and his testicles for $50,000, made it barely possible. We had 200 poorly paid extras in this and they brought their own lunch. That is one cheap producer.

Meanwhile, I had written in a robot into the concept but we couldn’t afford to make one, so then I came up with my own brilliant idea: go find a REAL robot. Surely in Europe there would be someone who dressed up like a robot. And of course we did ultimately find that guy in the weirdest country in the world: England.

The lead hero is a UK actor named Russ Bain who I had just worked with on a Fiat car commercial in Italy two weeks before. My only direction for most of his scenes was “Be Manly.” He didn’t know any kung fu, but that was exactly the type of kung fu I wanted in the video: Chuck Norris with syphilis. Perfect. The villain was played by Richard Brake who has been the heavy in tons of films from Doom to Batman Begins. He’s fucking awesome, and appears in my new film Detention.

And yeah, if you like this video, go see Detention. Weager needs to buy his organs back.

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Hi-Tech Digital Data Network Loop Blue

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This abstract video background represents a flight through the bright glowing grid of dots connected with lines over a dark background in a blue hue. Changing numbers next to each vertex represent a data flow. This clean and elegant animated technology background is perfect for displaying things like: data stream, business charts, data analysis, stock exchange, stock market, network connection, information transfer over the Internet, telecommunications, cyberspace etc. Using this backdrop you can add a modern and hi-tech appearance to your video presentation.

Duration: 20 sec (Looped Seamlessly)
Frame rate: 30 FPS
Resolution: 1920×1080 (Full HD)
Format: QuickTime (Photo JPEG)

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