Exchanging Thread Spool Stock Video

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This stock video featuring a weaving production factory in Turkey shows how even automated machines still need a human touch to complete a rug. In the video, a white thread spool needs to be changed, so a technician changes the spool then hooks up the new thread end for weaving. Add this stock video clip to documentaries and information videos that show what happens inside a rug factory.

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Hi-Tech Digital Data Network Loop Green

Download link: http://www.bit.ly/FlyThroughNet1Green

This abstract video background represents a flight through the bright glowing grid of dots connected with lines over a dark background in a green hue. Changing numbers next to each vertex represent a data flow. This clean and elegant animated technology background is perfect for displaying things like: data stream, business charts, data analysis, stock exchange, stock market, network connection, information transfer over the Internet, telecommunications, cyberspace etc. Using this backdrop you can add a modern and hi-tech appearance to your video presentation.

Duration: 20 sec (Looped Seamlessly)
Frame rate: 30 FPS
Resolution: 1920×1080 (Full HD)
Format: QuickTime (Photo JPEG)

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