UK asset prices and the pound will fall on a Boris Johnson general election victory

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Mr Green notes:”UK strength prices and sterling will surely fall to a Boris Johnson success in a general election because he’s made it fairly obvious he will be prepared to pull the UK out of the European Union with no deal in place.
DeVere Group is one of the world’s biggest independent advisers of specialist global financial solutions to international, local mass affluent, and high-net-worth clients.  It’s a network of over 70 offices throughout the Earth, over 80,000 customers and $12bn under advisement.
And parliament and Brussels are equally powerless to prevent it.

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Mr Green concludes:”A Boris Johnson win at a general election– particularly with a clear majority — can be expected to prompt a large amount of UK and worldwide investors in UK assets to think about the overseas options available to them to develop and safeguard their prosperity.”

“The fall in the pound is great for exports some argue, but it must be remembered that approximately 50 percent of UK exports depend on imported components. These can be expensive as the pound falls in value.
“Potentially, the key issue for the UK, however, is that one of its greatest and most significant industries, financial services, will suffer with another knock to the pounds. It’ll be hit since it is built on overseas investment which puts its faith in a solid pound”
Financial services contribute 6.5percent towards British GDP and is currently a part of an overall services industry that forms 80 percent of the nation’s economic output.
“A probable drop in UK asset prices and the pound wouldn’t just be about his Brexit policy. He’s also seen by most as untrustworthy and lacking in consistency”


“A minimal pound is, obviously, bad news for British holidaymakers and travellers abroad – with trips to Europe and the U.S. progressively costly.  Even destinations such as Dubai and China are somewhat more costly as their currencies are pegged into the U.S. dollar.
Last week, the deVere manager mentioned:”Throughout the last two decades, the pound has been battered when it comes to its cost against other currencies.

“If Mr Johnson go on to acquire a general election, particularly with a transparent majority, he will be emboldened in their own strategy to Brexit.”
Boris Johnson, the current frontrunner in the Conservative leadership contest, officially launches his campaign on Wednesday.
Weaker sterling means imports are more expensive, with rising prices being passed on to customers.

“This suggests that the parliament vote against a no-deal a few months back is restricted to banning the government from which makes it a policy target, but it can not prevent a no-deal via inaction.