Spotware releases cTrader Web 3.2 (beta), adding new Favourite Timeframes functionality

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The Equity Chart in the plan profile is now more detailed providing traders with info about deposit and withdrawal transactions. Finally, there is a new option”Show Positions To”, which allows strategy providers to select that sees their open places: everyone or just their copiers.
Favourite Timeframes with chart tastes are merged on the left side of the graphs. Also, traders’ favorite periods for all tick- and – time-based chart types are made available directly from the chart title bar. This enables dealers to tick the desirable periods to include them into the Favourite Timeframes for rapid accessibility. Furthermore, traders may switch between them with the Up and Down arrows.
The symbol Finder has transferred to a new tab alongside Watchlists allowing traders to rapidly switch between the two at the menu.

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The updated version of cTrader Web 3.2 also presents several upgrades to cTrader Duplicate  that has recently become its native attribute.
The menu could be dropped vertically hiding less frequently used menu sections in the below submenu. It can also be resized to reveal in complete longer symbols in a single ’s Watchlists or Finder. Traders can fall it completely by clicking on the menu button.

To provide investors with a full market image, the normal DoM was added into the Active Symbol Panel’s Order tab. Users of the platform may check it from the DoM tab at this ASP panel as before along with different types of DoM.

Fintech expert Spotware Systems has just announced the launch of cTrader Web 3.2 (Beta) introducing quite a few new attributes, which range from new Favourite Timeframes with graph tastes to the accession of Standard DoM to the ASP Order tab.

How Banks Manipulate Retail Forex Traders – Day Trading Strategy Forex Bank Trading Strategies.

South Africa is the largest economy on the continent, home to the mostsophisticated, vibrant, constantly developing financial market. It has recently caught the attention of international forex brokers all setting up offices in the country to explore the market.

Uprise Markets has launched retail forexCFDlounges and expectations are high that this will boost the brand’s entry into the South African market.
The lounge concept is ground-breaking and a most highly anticipated opportunity for retail traders from all walks of life, as they will be trained there.
The company pursuit is to become the leading competitive brand in the increasing forexCFD trading market in South Africa and Africa at large….///
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Foreign exchange is a term used for the buying and selling of products or services between countries using different currencies.

visit: In this video we look at the world of foreign currency trading and the truth about professional Forex traders – far from being the best at trading most are not but their engaged in a game of greed which could have serious consequences for the global economy – this documentary focuses on traders in the City of London but what is going on in this financial centre is happing in finance companies all around the world. If you though that professional Forex traders all make money for clients from trading – think again. A good documentary for anyone wanting to learn to trade the markets.

The five smartest words retail forex traders say

Greg Michalowski, Author Attacking Currency Trends. Director of Client Education and Technical Analysis at

I am more of technical forex trader, but that bias comes with some important reasons, especially for retail traders. Fundamental analysis is important, but it does not do a good job with defining and limiting risk…especially when traders are wrong. Technical analysis takes care of that problem. That is why retail traders should care about the technicals.

In this video I talk about the 5 smartest words retail traders can say. If you like it, press the thumbs up. If you don’t, go ahead, click thumbs down. Feel free to post a comment as well.
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Million Dollar Traders (Full Series 1 of 3)

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