Latest version of CQG Desktop offers new drawing tools and studies

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Dealers also can easily change logos in single-symbol widgets simply typing when the widget they want to change is in focus. This means that traders may no longer have to click on in the symbol entry field to enter a symbol or to utilize autosuggest.

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Provider of high performance trading, market data, and specialized evaluation tools CQG has rolled out a fresh model of CQG Desktop, with improvements which range from new drawing tools to improvements to HOT.
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The preceding version of all CQG Desktop was published about a month ago, introducing vertical and horizontal line markup tools (cursors) for graphs. That version also found the addition of a trading toolbar into the Spreadsheet Trader. This feature can be accessed from the activity menu.

In terms of trading, let’s note the developments to HOT. Two new buttons are added into the HOT button pub.
Selecting a symbol in the Spreadsheet Trader will induce the logo into the toolbar. Price, size, and sequence parameters may then be easily edited from the toolbar. And an arrangement could be initiated by the toolbar. Clicking on a cost in the dictionary will automatically push the symbol and the cost to the toolbar.

Display of balances was added into header bar, and usability in discovering columns and items has been improved.

Clicking the left button will compress the scale. The first click will probably remove costs between the best bid and ask. A second click will probably remove prices between resting orders in the DOM book. Clicking the proper button will enlarge the scale.