Anaplan (1) – With Scout we saw immediate benefit

Hi, I’m Paul Melchiorre, the Chief Revenue Officer at Anaplan. We are a global provider of planning analytic software to some of the world’s largest companies. We have something we connected planning here at Anaplan, and that’s what our customers are looking to implement, not looking at silos, whether it just be procurement or marketing or other expense categories. If you think about looking at data across an enterprise, true enterprise planning, a lot of the legacy ERP systems really didn’t deliver that.

What Anaplan is doing is having the ability to go into, databases for our large customers we’re working with and look at commodity pricing, where things should be manufactured, where they will need to be purchased, and currency conversion rates. What happens today is the legacy systems may have the transactional data, but they don’t have the planning capability. I think combining tools like Scout, that give us a lot of data, with the planning functionality of Anaplan, chief procurement officer’s going to better decide where, when and how they want to procure a commodity item or certain fluctuations in currency can really have a big impact on the bottom line.

When we implemented Scout, it was really important that we were able to get benefit very quickly. Unlike some of the legacy provided systems that take a long time to implement, they have lots of features and functions of which many never actually get implemented. We were able to put Scout in very quickly, get immediate benefit. And as companies now are not just including looking at the revenue side of the equation, but the expense side as well. Gives us clarity into where we’re spending our money, who we’re spending our money with.

I think when people look today, if they’re not becoming as efficient as they could be, there’s big efforts around zero-based budgeting, for example, in a lot of the CPG companies. Why is that? They need to control their costs, spend, and this is not something that’s a new concept as far as cost controls. I think a lot of the former efforts and initiatives around controlling costs have been more one time and not sustainable. The beauty of tools like Scout allow you to do the savings, but continue and have sustainable savings over time. That, I think, is the big difference.

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Decentralized European Bank of Trust

Work time and leisure time have undefined borders.
Work and leisure can no longer be separated.
In the non-paid time, we accumulate a great deal of knowledge,
which is not paid for, but is used in the context of paid work.

New generations of Europeans live in this uncertain working life and teach
that the complexity is not an exception but a human condition,
and as such not to be feared but
and given back to the world.

If our connotation is uncertainty it becomes fundamental not to turn it into an alibi but to use it as a tool for knowledge.
Alienation as a permanent experience of the real.

The digital world provides a parallel space where cultural production is backed up by Skype calls, real-time collaborative sharing , emails and links.
The language which defines our condition is to be found in the digital devices we use to communicate.

We link our minds in an emphatic network of exchange of information.

The progress of the technologies we use are presented as apolitical in their declarations,
however this makes us an undefined space where professional, public and private life coincides.

The resident of the future cities is constructed as someone without agency, a passive consumer of services,
a generator of data which can later be aggregated and acted upon.
We generate the content and knowledge which we willingly contribute to centralized networks.
We are harvested and valued in a continuum of work, but the profit is not shared in return.

On the other hand decentralized systems are spreading and defining diffused infrastructure, where connections become the reciprocal mean of control, and exchange of value.
The vast domain of formally fixed arrangements for the management and control of fulfillment through an occupation have now vanished.

Education, apprenticeships and permanent jobs are now governed by recognition.

Young European citizens constitute a transnational stateless state of people moving and investing their resources.

We are directed by an ideal of self-realization and stability which no longer finds representation in classical institutions.

The Decentralized European Bank of Trust constitutes the places, gestures and roles of our labor that are being restructured.
We decide our employer through the way we take part in the network.

Systems of digital authentication facilitate the circulation and exchange of value without the presence of any intermediaries.
The network is structured by members interactions.

Our citizenship is backed by our IP
As in the Block-chain, the value of the bank is defined by the transactions which happen within the network.

The generated profit is then mined by everyone through ordinary tasks.
Work doesn’t anymore provide just a product or service, but produces knowledge which activates productive exchanges.
We produce work as a means of communication.

Through exchanging skills we acquire experience and recognition.
The trust we gain is based on barters.
We create a currency through our connection with others.

By sharing our resources, we are not wasting them but transforming their value into common, intangible goods.
As long as others identify with our work, we define a community.
Like a matrix of pixels, we become one.

Capital is an accumulation of work destined to future investments.
This is what we are: immaterial workers.
We are human capital; constituted by resources, skills, ingenuity and heritage.

As part of an informal parallel system, we create culture and meaning.
All bet risks are upon our shoulders, but we are the ones who are feeding the engine.

We are the investment of our parents and friends.
We are our own investment and what is backing our currency.

Your stakes represent your quest for fulfillment, they are the currency backed by the trust in your work.
This is your capital to be exchanged.

Don’t send us money, send us skills.

Join the DEBT, you’re already part of it


Zeno Franchini, Lodovica Guarnieri, Penny Webb in collaboration with Gabriele Mariotti
Voice Julia Van Zanten

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Google Course “Time English”

Let Me Google that for you is only for $9.99 , enroll now
you will learn how to search fast using Google
You will go in a virtual Journey strolling down New York and Dubai streets , here is what one of my students said about the course :
“I’m glad I took this course. I’ll be able to run much faster searches after this. Thank you!”
one other students said ”
“New search methods to me very nice course very good learning experience”
one more student said ” congratulation .good work, i encourage you for more video.”
You will learn:
You will learn how to use Google to get instant results while having fun , you will :

How to search using NCR (No Country redirection)
How to use Google Tabs
How to search for Weather forecasts
How to search for time in any city in the World , how to use Google’s Timer , and Stop Watch
How to find Word Definitions using Google
How to search for Movie Theaters , and Resturants in Google Maps
How to search using Google’s Street View
How to use Google’s Calculator , and Tip Calculator
How to use Currency Conversion , and Unit Conversion using Google
How to find Stock Quotes
How to find a file in a specific file format
How to use Google Translation
How to find Google’s Newspaper Collection
How to do a Back Image Search
How to find the Sunrise Time
How to Find Sports Matches Results
How to Do a Barrel Roll
How to use “Let Me Google That For You” to search on behalf of somebody else
How to use Google Camera Translation Software
Fun tricks while searching
Enroll Now

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You Are Loved

Being alive is enchantment.
Having died this year, one side of my body is strong, and every day I rise, in gratitude, in exhilarating hope, determination from the vision that contains power, strength

and constant renewal of that sense of wonder they say only children have.

Have you ever thought about the common phrase “spending time”? What does it really mean?

Time –
is the ultimate currency.
In these moments of wonder, in this currency of time, the vision fills in all gaps with the strength that already exists in the near future.

Loss of mobility and speech, all of the pain, hasn’t that caused misery and fear?

BOLD AND DETERMINED, I will, in excitement, take each step no matter how excruciating, smiling, eyes on the beautiful clarity of the vision, because the purposes here on earth in this precious remaining time, matter. You Are Loved, every moment counts, we are still alive. The vision is vivid, it flows through in completeness and affects every sense. So, we invest time in bringing specific positive changes in the course of global events.

You Are Loved.

~Sam Botta

We do not own the music. It’s from Thomas Bergersen of Two Steps From Hell fame (movie trailer music composer, the best in the world). The track is “Sun” … buy it here: via @amazon

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Introducing Counos Currencies

Counos is set of completly digital market. Their are 4 types of digital courrency interoduced by counos. All are based on peer to peer network. We have 4 coins like Counos coin, Counos cash, Counos Gold, Counos Silver. Main feature of these are helps in reducing transaction conformation time, these also make business payment cheap secure & fast, Algorithm very similar to bitcoin algorithm.

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