HD Video, Stereo, 27’49” (Myanmar 2015)

Written and Directed by Ilaria Benini and Thomas Nadal Poletto
Interviews by Thiha Swe and Mrat Lunn Htwann
Sound Recording by Thiha Swe and Ilaria Benini
Translation Thiha Swe and Stefi Juniper
Montage Thomas Nadal Poletto
Produced by Flux Kit

A white cube in Yangon: investigations on art, people and money around Kanna Lan.

Flux Kit decides to collaborate with tv producer Thiha (Rikky) Swe and artist Mrat Lunn Htwann to record the perception of change of the people working in the area. With POP-UP YANGON we had the chance to talk with the people working in the jetty and collect a variety of deep thoughts about art as a human form of expression and practical considerations about the impact of a luxury entreprise in such a poor area.

The result is a document which records a specific moment in time and space. It’s a gesture of exploration, in search for mutual understanding and exchange.

Why? /
Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is a country in South-East Asia which is experiencing a sudden change, due to the political and economical transition from an autarchic military dictatorship to an open market economy looking at democracy.

New opportunities of exchange, being them social or economical, accompany the increased flow of money and foreign people. Multinational companies, international NGOs, freelancers from all over the world are coming to Myanmar to enjoy the potential advantages of a nation of 60 million new consumers.

Controversies are everywhere, offering a chance to observe the impact of capitalism on an almost-virgin market and its effects on society. By recording these controversies, we hope to multiply questions and foster a positive and increasingly aware reflection on our societies.

The story /
In January 2014, PUN+PROJECTS initiated a pop-up space in Yangon, on the Lanthit Jetty by the Yangon river and Kanna Lan (known as Strand Road in English).

Transit Shed no.1, a warehouse under the jurisdiction of the Port Authority, hosts a retail space and TS1 Gallery. This is the first art gallery in Myanmar offering a white cube-like space to local artists. Opened in March 2014, for less than one year TS1 Gallery stands bright in the midst of a fervid working area, hosting exhibitions of Myanmar contemporary art, performance art events, roundtables, workshops. The experiment ends in January 2015.

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