Gold Price Forecast 2020: How the Presidential Election Could Affect the Gold Market

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Silver obtained slammed together with virtually all other assets during that notorious fall. Gold, however, weathered the storm fairly nicely and ended up placing in a gain for the year.
The sensational election success of Donald Trump in 2016 lit a fire under the stock market and put something of a damper on international demand for physical valuable metals in the United States.

The 2020 presidential election is already shaping up to be one of the most bitterly contested ever before. The result might have tremendous impacts for all asset markets, such as precious metals.

Before Trump, the foundation of the Democrat Party had been lurching ideologically to the left. Today Democrat candidates are being forced to deny”mixed market” welfare statism and fully embrace socialist doctrines. Virtually the entire area of Democrat presidential candidates has adopted Bernie Sanders’ platform.

The cash metal went to reach record $1,000/oz in early 2008. Over that exact identical time, silver improved from beneath $8/oz to over $20/oz. Significantly, precious metals vastly outperformed the stock exchange throughout the four years of Bush II’s second semester.
One exception: Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, who is operating as a pragmatic problem together with a company background. He gave an address to California Democrats in which he said socialism was the incorrect way to go. He was roundly booed.
It seems like Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), which is probably coming in one form or another in recent years ahead as the government struggles just to pay interest in a growing debt burden. Beneath MMT, the government would directly print the dollars it must close its shortages rather than issue new bonds. Similar financial experiments didn’t work out so nicely in Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

Unlike stocks, precious metals have a tendency to gain from this”panic” trade. If a pro-socialist Democrat really wins the White House at 2020, you can bet a whole great deal of investors will decide to hunker down and get defensive.
Gold and silver markets may start to show a reverse correlation to trends in President Trump’s poll numbers.
Meanwhile, a lot can happen before November 2020 — notably with all the Federal Reserve seemingly set to turn dovish and reduce interest rates this summer.
2020 Presidential ElectionSome historic research to presidential election cycles suggests that the stock exchange tends to do well moving into an election season. The government tends to concentrate on economical statistics that is padding.

A few in the conservative press stamp Democrats as affected by”Trump derangement syndrome”
Given President Trump’s repeated clashes with the Federal Reserve more than that which he sees as”too tight” monetary policyhe is all too inclined to support a bipartisan push for a more”actively controlled,” more inflationary financial system.

Warning Heavy Debt

The last time that a Republican incumbent was searching for re-election had been 2004. Silver and gold markets performed well from the second half of 2003 and produced small gains in 2004. The metals were in the early stages of a significant bull market.

Meanwhile, 76-year old”Uncle Joe” Biden is disavowing himself to appease much left activists but that is proving to be hard for him. Under pressure, he abruptly reversed his decades’ long support of the Hyde amendment, which bars federal funding of most abortions.
Though gold costs  are now up since Trump’s election win and also inauguration, silver has trended reduced — and coin and bar demand remains soft compared to the past years under President Obama.
Socialism Stamp
By Money Metals News Service
Investors who are considering selling precious metals, or refraining from purchasing until Trump leaves workplace, should assess their assumptions.

And during election years, Fed officials (who swear up and down they aren’t inspired by politics) tend to avoid making policy motions (like rate hikes) that may make them vulnerable to political strikes.

Silver and gold Fared Well Last Time a Republican Stood for Re-Election

She’d pay for her multi-trillion-dollar Progressive wish list by instituting a brand new prosperity tax and pushing the U.S. dollar reduced (i.e., inflation). As Warren put her financial policy (obscure as it is) would entail”more actively tackling our currency value.”
But, bigger macro forces now in motion — specifically, steadily increasing government debt and accommodative fiscal policy — will likely remain in motion through next year’s election and beyond, regardless of who wins. It is merely a matter of if the election results accelerate the debt-fueled monetary crisis that is coming.
When the GOP retains the White House in 2020, then it’s not necessarily bad news for alloys traders.
Gold and silver, that are tied to the market than shares, reveal small recent correlation with previous years.

Huatai Securities sets price range for GDR offering on London Stock Exchange

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The maximum overall offering will include a supply of up to 82,515,000 GDRs, including GDRs which may be issued pursuant to the over-allotment option given to J.P. Morgan Securities plc, pursuant to which it may buy or procure purchasers for additional GDRs to a max of 10% of the total number of GDRs sold from the Offering. The Stabilising Manager’s capacity to undertake stabilisation action depends on deferred compensation arrangements having been agreed with one or more shareholders so as to make it to over-allot GDRs.

The last cost per GDR and the final amount of GDRs to be offered are anticipated to be determined on or around June 14, 2019.

Further to the statement by Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. (SHA:601688), a technology-enabled securities group in China, confirming its strategies  to record global depositary receipts (GDRs) on the London Stock Exchange, the company today says it has put the price range for its planned offering of GDRs.
Unconditional dealings from the GDRs are anticipated to start on or around June 20, 2019.

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The business also affirms its prospectus in relation to the Offering and Admission has now been accepted by the FCA.
Assuming the most amount of Offer GDRs and full exercise of the Over-Allotment Choice, gross proceeds from the offering will amount to between approximately USD1,650.3 million and USD2,021.6 million and also the amount of GDRs will represent roughly 10% of Huatai’s outstanding share capital.
The cost is set in between USD 20.00 and also USD 24.50 each GDR, together with all the GDR representing ten A shares of the company, each having a completely paid nominal value of RMB1.00 each. The offer price will be determined based on a process. The offer period is anticipated to begin today and to finish on June 14, 2019.

New York Stock Exchange Media Wall Timeline

This timeline for the New York Stock Exchange highlights key events and policies from over more than three centuries of stock exchange history. Filled with fluid, dynamic movement and synchronized “ticker” animations, the Timeline Wall has been installed, at colossal scale, in the Exchange’s Manhattan headquarters, looping the animations through a vivid palette as part of the main entryway.

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Nationwide’s YouTube Stock Exchange

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How do you reinvent the banking system for a generation that is disengaged with its investments and savings habits? Nationwide, in collaboration with YouTube, presents a unique solution to tackling three different problems: educating the youth about their financial futures and the importance of saving and growing their money, the lack of financial resources for content creators on YouTube, and getting the viewer more invested into the video creation process. Presenting Nationwide’s YouTube Stock Exchange.

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OMA presentation of the shenzhen stock exchange

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differentiating itself from the history of modern towers, the shenzhen stock exchange elevates the base of the structure creating a multiple planer zone of interaction and depth within the city.

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How the Stock Exchange works

Why are there stocks at all?

Everyday in the news we here about the stock exchange, stocks and money moving around the globe. Still, a lot of people don’t have an idea why have stock markets at all, because the topic is usually very dry. We made a short video about the basics of the stock exchanges. With robots. Robots are kewl!

Short videos, explaining things. For example Evolution, the Universe, the Stock Market or controversial topics like Fracking. Because we love science.

If you have a suggestion for future videos or feedback, drop us a line! 🙂

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How the Stock Exchange works

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The Economics of the Global Stock Exchange Industry (Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions)

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This book is an economic analysis of the stock exchange industry. The authors draw on theories from micro- and industrial economics to provide a detailed analysis of the industry structure, the strategic behaviour of key participants and the performance of stock exchanges.