Tehran Stock Exchange

LAVA fused visionary geometries and forms with traditional elements of Persian culture in the design for the new Tehran Stock Exchange.

The vision seeks to define a new typology for the next century, mixing virtual and human interaction. Past, present and future meet inside the exchange hall, where modern muqarnas, an interactive data dome and high-tech data screens work together in a tribute to Persian history and architecture. The office floors are filled with light and air, enjoy breathtaking mountain views and allow highly functional and flexible workspace layouts. The most advanced design technologies create a fully sustainable, flexible and unique public centre for the economy of the country, with a highly iconic identity.

Inspired by the local morphology such as cave houses, the Stock Exchange is envisaged as an urban rock, smartly carved ovoid shapes enhance natural light, panoramic views, interior spaces and the relationship with the surroundings. An interior light void maximises fresh air and sunlight, whilst roof terraces add to the amenity of workers. The façade draws inspiration from the tessellation and light prisms of the local architecture, whilst a media façade broadcasts real time news and an intelligent skin responds to changing climatic conditions.

LAVA has carved Tehran’s new city icon.

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