Pipster CEO Rob Brockington on the next generation of retail traders

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In May this year, at the FinanceFeeds Professional Trading Thought Leadership Conference at London, senior FX business technologist and founder of Rob Brockington explained how he views the development of platforms for its new generation of traders, in London’s global FinTech epicenter

The five smartest words retail forex traders say


Greg Michalowski, Author Attacking Currency Trends. Director of Client Education and Technical Analysis at ForexLive.com.

I am more of technical forex trader, but that bias comes with some important reasons, especially for retail traders. Fundamental analysis is important, but it does not do a good job with defining and limiting risk…especially when traders are wrong. Technical analysis takes care of that problem. That is why retail traders should care about the technicals.

In this video I talk about the 5 smartest words retail traders can say. If you like it, press the thumbs up. If you don’t, go ahead, click thumbs down. Feel free to post a comment as well.
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