Murray Math Lines 16.07.2019 (AUDUSD, NZDUSD)

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About M15 the top line of the VoltyChannel is busted. This suggests high probability of expansion.
On H4 the tool is trading over the consolidation place. The increase of price up into the resistance level 8/8 is expected. The situation may no longer be valid if the price breaks through 6/8, which might entail further decline to the service at 5/8.

AUDUSD_H4_Анализ уровней Мюррея
NZDUSD_H4_Анализ уровней Мюррея



At the area the tool is trading on H4. In this situation an breakthrough of 8/8 can lead to down a correction to 6/8. The scenario may no longer be valid in the event the instrument keeps rising, which may result in a breakthrough of +2/8 and readjustment of their Murray lines. In general, there’s potential for expansion but the aims could be determined after the readjustment of the lines.

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On M15 the top line of the VoltyChannel is still broken . This means prevalence of a ascending trend and might bring about further price growth.

Japanese Candlesticks Analysis 09.07.2019 (EURUSD, USDJPY)

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USDJPY, “US Dollar vs. Japanese Yen”
The tendency continues as we can see in the chart. Earlier, USDJPY shaped Harami blueprint near the resistance level. Now, the set is beginning to reverse. Judging by the last movements, it could be presumed that the price may exchange downwards to reach 107.65. However, we should not discount a chance that the instrument may upgrade its highs and keep its expansion to attain 109.15.

Forecasts presented in this section simply reflect the personal opinion of the author and shouldn’t be regarded as advice for trading. RoboForex LP conveys no obligation for trading results based trading guidelines described in these reviews that are analytical.

USDJPY_Анализ японских свечей
As we can see in the H4 chart, after breaking up the rising channel’s disadvantage boundary, EURUSD is investing at the service level and has already formed several reversal patterns, such as Hammer, which signal a strong reversal sign. The possible upside target may be at 1.1310. But, an individual shouldn’t exclude a risk that the price may violate the support amount and keep falling towards 1.1185.

EURUSD_Анализ японских свечей

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