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Live Day Trading Room Streaming – Meir Barak


Join my FREE day trading Room live broadcast right here in You Tube Room.

Click on the time stamps to view the trades and key moments during the day:

00:18:14 – Meir Barak – NVDA long
00:18:42 – Meir Barak – RENN short
00:19:31 – Meir Barak – NVDA partial
00:26:16 – Meir Barak – TGT long
00:29:31 – Meir Barak – PLAY short
00:30:07 – Meir Barak – PLAY partial
01:01:03 – Meir Barak – NFLX long
01:12:18 – Meir Barak – NTNX long
01:22:33 – Meir Barak – PLAY added shares
01:41:23 – Meir Barak – NFLX partial
01:56:07 – Meir Barak – PLAY partial
01:57:07 – Meir Barak – Meir’s P&L and Trade Recap

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