Peter Pocklington on Trading Wayne Gretzky to the LA Kings

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Peter Pocklington is a Canadian entrepreneur. He made his initial fortune as the owner of one of the largest auto dealerships in Canada, and later took over a meat packing company involved in a high-profile labour strike.

Pocklington is best known as the former owner of the Edmonton Oilers hockey team, which housed star player Wayne Gretzky, as well as several other baseball and soccer teams in Edmonton.

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Peter Rosenstreich: High Conviction Trading

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Peter Rosenstreich is Swissquote Bank’s Head of Market Strategy and manages the global strategy desk; he has held various positions in several banking institutions in the United States, Europe & Asia.

He has been quoted, featured and is a frequent contributor in numerous financial publications and broadcast outlets for more than fifteen years, including Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg TV & Radio, Financial Times and CNBC.

Rosenstreich is the author of Forex Revolution: an Insider’s Guide to the Real World of Foreign Exchange Trading, published by Financial Times Prentice Hall.

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