US Court refuses to grant immunity to Yossi Herzog in binary options fraud case

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Let’s remember that Elbaz desired resistance to be granted to Herzog and three other witnesses — Elad Bigelman, Nissim Alfasi, and Chanan Tabarko. On June 11, 2019, roughly one week prior to the scheduled depositions and approximately 1 month prior to trial, the Government contacted counsel for Mr. Herzog, Mr. Bigelman, along with also Mr. Alfasi and advised them that three people were charged in the USA at a sealed indictment. On the day of June 12, 2019, the day following the calls from the Government to direct for the witness apprising them of the sealed charges, the district court partly unsealed the indictment against Mr. Herzog, Mr. Bigelman, also also Mr. Alfasi, making the charges against them openly available for the first time.

In the record registered on July 2, 2019, Elbaz argued that immunity for defense witnesses would be a suitable treatment for misconduct or overreaching. She stated that overreaching is an apt description of this Government’s communications. The Government contended that its activities were taken in consultation.
On June 14, 2019, adviser for Mr. Herzog, Mr. Bigelman,” Mr. Alfasi, along with Mr. Tabarko advised counsel that their customers are no longer willing to appear voluntarily because of their scheduled depositions without resistance .
Let’s remember that the Indictment charges Lee Elbaz with a single count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and three counts of wire fraud. The Indictment alleges that Elbaz participated for over three years (from approximately May 2014 and continuing through approximately June 2017) at a fraudulent scheme involving the sale and marketing of binary choices — including as the Chief Executive Officer of Yukom Communications. Yukom was an Israel-based company that supplied sales and advertising services, such as investor”retention services,” for just two internet-based companies that marketed and sold binary options together with the brand names BinaryBook and BigOption.

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In an order on July 11, 2019, and made available to FinanceFeeds today, the Judge says that Lee Elbaz’s Motion or, in the Alternative, to an Education on Missing Witnesses has been denied. The order didn’t elaborate on the reasons for its Court decision. These matters were discussed in the Conference.

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The trial in this case is set to start on July 16, 2019.