White Elephant: What is there to save?

White Elephant tells the remarkable story of Miami Baseball Stadium, one of South Florida’s most unforgettable architectural icons. The tale of Miami Stadium (aka Bobby Maduro Stadium) winds its way from its pristine field of dreams, to the turbulent island of Cuba; and from the hallowed halls of the U.S. Congress, to the tumultuous streets of Miami. The story weaves these seemingly disparate places into a fascinating web of social, political and personal intrigue. “White Elephant is about a ballpark designed for greatness, yet doomed to a future of unrealized potential,” notes Executive Producer Rolando Llanes. “It tells the story of a group of visionaries, fueled by the magic of a city where fantasies have always been the common currency. And finally, it’s about a teenage boy prematurely thrust into the limelight’s uncomfortable glow in a town on the verge of history.”

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