Clark’s Trading Post- A Tourist Attraction you’ll only find in NH!

Comedian Juston McKinney on stage in 2015 talking about bringing his toddlers to Clark’s Trading Post in New Hampshire for the first time. A tourist attraction that should be on everyone’s bucket list. For Juston McKinney tour dates and info visit,

filmed by Jonathon Millman, Edited by Marc Dole

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A funny story, we stumbled upon the Melrose Trading Post the weekend prior after we drove almost 4 hours back from visiting our family in Fresno (it was 110 degrees there, btw). The initial plan was to stop in LA and go thrift shopping but we passed the Melrose Trading Post and despite it being 4pm (it closes at 5pm) and having less than cash on us, we thought we’d stop to check it out.

Of course after we busted a mission to try to go to Chase though! It was a mission alright, a mission impossible! Those of you familiar with the Chase on Fairfax, you’d know there’s no parking lot but is that really a surprise considering it was LA? You’d either do an emergency stop on the side of the street or if you’re lucky, you’d find a vacant meter that’s quite a distance away (of course that wasn’t our case).

So we gave up and decided we’d just go check it out with zero intentions of purchasing anything. Miraculously we found parking right across and made it in about 15 minutes before closing. The pitiful thing was they had an ATM inside! There was no need to hunt down Chase!

Because they were practically closed, we didn’t get charged entrance (silver lining, I guess?). Surprisingly we managed to hit up several booths and even made one quick purchase (the vintage Levi’s shown in our latest Back To School Haul) before they closed.

Because we found it so neat, we had to return and also wanted to film it for you guys! Unfortunately we didn’t make any purchases but we hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! 

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