Trading Places LIVE! with Tom Bowley – Monday Edition – 2015-09-28 12:00

Presenter: Tom Bowley

Key Topics:
Major Indices:
• 10 year treasury yield ($TNX) not setting new lows, but S&P 500 is…hmmmm
• Under surface signals supporting further decline short-term
• Major indices testing September lows, RUT continues relative weakness
• Identifying next key price support levels
Sectors & Industry Groups:
• Aluminum ($DJUSAL) – volume by price and the Alcoa (AA) effect
• Excel analysis: Best and worst performing industries in October (historically)
• Healthcare (XLV) loses August support
• Consumer staples (XLP) still in bearish wedge
• Technology (XLK) bearish wedge breakdown
• Coal ($DJUSCL): October strength and MACD/PPO analysis
• Airlines ($DJUSAR) enjoy October success
• FEYE testing major support
• INTC bucking trend, reversing pattern remains in play
• WFM announced layoffs; 60 min pos divergence printed
• NFLX 95-105 trading range

Symbol Mentions:

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