London, Moscow museums swap portraits

London’s National Portrait Gallery and the Tret-yakov Gallery in Moscow are marking their 160th anniversary this year. They have celebrated the event by swapping some of their most precious portraits.

The Russian Gallery has sent portraits of important Russian cultural figures including Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dosto-evsky to London, while the National Portrait Gallery has sent paintings of William Shakespeare and some other figures to Moscow. Officials say these two exhibitions in London and Moscow form an important cultural exchange for both institutions. Portraits from the Tret-yakov are rarely loaned for foreign exhibitions. The portrait of Dosto-evsky was last seen in Britain in 19-59.

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London Stock Exchange

My friends at FND asked me to help them with a video installation project for the London Stock Exchange. The video will loop permanently in the hall of the building, displayed in a huge set of LCD screens.

The mind blowing audio track was designed and mixed by Radium.

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