Foreign Exchange market Education: Support and Resistance levels in retail Forex day trading

In this free webinar, I talk and explain the concepts of Support and Resistance levels in retail Forex day trading, in relation to my approach to foreign exchange market analysis.

A renewed approach, based on math and market performance instead of only price action.

A good example for beginners which are learning Forex as well for advanced but not satisfied (with the traditional SR approach) traders.

By my experience, the best support and resistance levels information cannot be provided by simply applying an indicator in mt4 on a single pair, but rather can be obtained by a multidimensional approach with simultaneous analysis of all the pairs.

In fact, Support and Resistance levels are not provided by the information of the price itself only, but rather by the inter-correlation between one asset and all the rest of the assets that are composing the Forex object.

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dr. M Giavon
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