Travel Advisor for Windows Phone 7

The application is ideal for people travelling abroad, perfect for the adventurous or regular traveller, this app gives up to the minute travel advice and warnings on every country listed by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office.

Travel Advisor provides embassy contact information, entry requirements, local customs information, local health advice, vaccination recommendations and much more. In addition the app provides language translation services, currency conversion and local weather forecasts.

Live integration with the forums of provides access to a community of extreme travellers and the location aware Twitter integration allows you to keep your social network up to date with your adventures.

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Forex Trading Academy

Imarketslive Academy information
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We look forward to learning and earning together! Happy Trading

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[nyc-fsharp] Phil Trelford on F# for Trading

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Effective Trading is about having up-to-date detailed information. Data is acquired from a variety of sources and combined to imply new information. F# is becoming a popular choice for this kind of application. Based on hands on experience of building a Commodity Trading platform I will describe and demonstrate areas where F# gives you leverage like domain modeling, computation and concurrency.

Phil Trelford is a Software Architect and Developer at Trayport, a market leading supplier of energy trading systems. In another life he worked on video games like Halo 3, Jurrassic Park and Powermonger. Phil is a founding member of the F# Foundation and an F# MVP.

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