Oriental Rugs in the Home

Oriental rugs stand out in a majestic way. Watch any movie that portrays a luxury apartment building, palace or official office and in all likelihood there is an Oriental rug on display somewhere. That is because of how highly they are valued and what splendor they can bring to the design of any room. It is often an investment and one that should last a lifetime.

The Oriental rug is often the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of a rug. That is how predominant the market is for them, that without trying, they have become a staple diet of decor around the world. What is the secret behind the popularity of the Oriental rug, and what makes them stand out above other types?

Uniqueness is the key to a good Oriental rug. Most of these rugs are handmade and therefore at the whim of the person who designs them. The colors that are predominantly used in Oriental rugs are usually inspired by earthy tones with highlights of gold, blue and red. Most Oriental rugs will have some gold in them too for accents, and helps to add the luxurious look and feel of the style. Where whites are used, it will add an authentic antique look to a design.

The designs themselves in Oriental rugs are usually quite bold and flamboyant. The art used in the rugs are an expression of the maker’s passions and beliefs, and most designs will have some sort of symbolism behind them, something important to the artist. That is why the Oriental rug is often very bold, exotic and full of the purpose of life.

As well as being bold, the designs should add a touch of warm to an area. Not only can they look majestic when laid on a wooden floor, the design should bring that touch of regal flair with an essence of comfort and delicate softness.

If you can get your hands on a genuine Oriental rug, you will note its construction. It will be handmade, either knotted or woven. Machine made rugs do not fall into the category of being authentic, so always try and check with a retailer or manufacturer, about its real claim for authenticity. A genuine oriental rug will probably be a lot more durable and have an extended life span as opposed to cheaper manufactured replicas.

The origins of the rug can be traced not only in China, where the main bulk of such rugs emanate from, but also in areas such as Turkey and Persia. The beauty of it to the western world is not only in its design, but the reasonable prices of them.

Due to the differences in costs of living across the world, a lot of manufacturing is done in places where the wages are low, therefore, when it comes to retail across the world, obtaining an original and authentic Oriental rug may be cheaper than one imagine, and there will be no compromise on quality.

Consider putting an oriental rug in your home and letting its flamboyant, yet delicate design emanate throughout the area.

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