Japanese Candlesticks Analysis 11.07.2019 (USDCAD, AUDUSD)

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As we could see from the H4 chart, USDCAD is still testing the service amount and forming Harami pattern while trading downwards. Possibly, after completing this change pattern, the cost may rebound from the support level and begin a new growth with the goal in 1.3190. But, we shouldn’t dismiss a chance that the tool may proceed without Placing, break the support amount, and continue its decrease to achieve 1.3000.

USDCAD_Анализ японских свечей

Article By RoboForex.com

Article By RoboForex.com

As we can see in the H4 chart, following analyzing another support level and forming Hammer change pattern, AUDUSD has incline towards the channel’s upside border. The current situation suggests that the instrument may test the border, rebound from it, and restart falling towards 0.6910. But, we should not ignore a possibility that the tool may break the resistance level and continue growing to reach 0.7035.
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AUDUSD_Анализ японских свечей

Japanese Candlesticks Analysis 14.03.2019 (GOLD, NZDUSD)

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As we can see from the H4 chart, NZDUSD has rebounded from the support amount; right now, it’s being corrected and forming Harami, Doji, and Hammer change patterns. Depending on the prior movements, it can be supposed that after completing the correction that the tool may muster and continue its growth.

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NZDUSD, “New Zealand vs. US Dollar”

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As we can see in the H4 chart, XAUUSD continues increasing with slight pullback from time to time. At this time, the pair is forming Hammer and Inverted Hammer change patterns. Judging by the previous moves, it could be assumed that after finishing another pullback the tool might continue its ascending movement.