How To Do A PayPal Currency Conversion

I don’t typically do “How To” style videos but Paypal plays a huge role in how I get paid online when I do various online work activities. So anyone not sure how, you can watch this video and learn here. Sorry about my voice I was sick when recording this.

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Learn how to do a two way lookup to retrieve the conversion rate for currencies:
1. (00:11) Two-Way Lookup for Currency Conversion Problem Set Up
2. (01:17) Don’t use IF and AND functions to create a formula
3. (02:12) Example with INDEX and MATCH functions
4. (07:06) Example with VLOOKUP and MATCH functions

Excel Magic Trick 1235: 2-Way Lookup For Currency Conversion: Don’t Use IF, Use INDEX & MATCH or VLOOKUP & MATCH
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