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[] Hi fellow traders and investors, many of us here in Silicon Valley have learned about trading Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) using the Ichimoku indicator and also learned about trading Forex currencies from our mentor, Eversley Forte.

Yesterday, Eversley permitted me to record his presentation which covers his powerful setups for both the US Stock Market using ETFs and also currency pairs using the Forex currency markets.

In these videos, Eversley shares with us many details regarding his simple, yet effective and profitable use of the Ichimoku indicator. In the second part of his presentation, he goes into specific details regarding how he has made a boatload of money during the last few months on the short side of the Forex market. You need to hear about this!
I want to thank Eversley for sharing his open and clear information with us regarding both Ichimoku and the Forex.

These videos will be most helpful to both novice and more experienced traders who are interested in multiplying their profits using options.

I’m also was very pleased to hear that Eversley is willing to mentor a few new students at this time. If you want additional details, please go to:
Information regarding his mentoring program: []

What he said regarding mentoring is in the above referenced video. If you want more information regarding Eversley and his strategies including several FREE videos on using Ichimoku at our website, please follow this link: []

Hope you learn, profit and enjoy,
Trader_Joe Gruender Jr.

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