FCF – Foreign currencies handling facilitator : General Options Part2

This setting enables or disables the usage of foreign currencies for payment. While disabled the default currency is shown in the website for every product and there is no end users widget to Change to another currency.

Features :
Add 1-10% on top of instant Exchange rates;
Specify the number of usable currencies for your different roles;
Set a specific products price for each given currency;
Round up the converted price to your convenience;
Automatic target currency detection, depending on end users Location;
Manual target currency selection, done by end users in your Website;
Customize foreign currencies names, Formats, symbols, signs, brands;
Users to roles settings and restrictions;
Appropriate for all other currency echange use cases;
Approximate the products price;
Enable the payment with several currencies;
Allow to auto update exchange rate;
Exchange rates are fetched from Yahoo Finance So they are always updated;
Set time to update Exchange rates;
Customize each currency separately;
Set the position for each currency (e.g. £50, 50£);
Several options to customize your exchange rate for each currency;
Format / rename your currencies;
Set your preferred currency target (e.g. autodetect);
End users widget;
Allow to add a decimal number;
Set the number of decimal;
Enable price by currency;
Appropriate for multi store market places (e.g. WC Marketplace);
Appropriate for multi vendor sites (e.g. WC Vendors, Dokan);
Users to roles settings and restrictions;
Simplified the products creations UI for multiple currencies;
Supports 237 countries and 157 currencies;
Mobile friendly;
Replace Original Price;
Supports all modern browsers;
Easy installation;

Enjoy and leave up your comments and suggestions.

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Impact of Exchange Rate Variations on Aggregate Demand in Nigeria

We provide complete insights on Impact of exchange rate variations on aggregate demand In Nigeria. Tedikom Projects is a place of Small and Medium Enterprises in the achievement of economic growth especially in the developing country like Nigeria.


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Indian Rupee to US Dollar Exchange Rate Today

Bank of Baroda, USA (American Pacific Operations) is premier Indian National Bank specialized in Rupee Remittance to India from USA, Correspondent Banks transfer, today’s exchange rate USD to INR.

It has been a long and eventful journey of almost a century across 25 countries. Starting in 1908 from a small building in Baroda to its new hi-rise and hi-tech Baroda Corporate Centre in Mumbai, is a saga of vision, enterprise, financial prudence and corporate governance. We provide the fastest mode of Outward Remittances to India and other parts of the world at the most competitive rates in the following modes: Rupee remittance to India, Demand Draft, Transfer by SWIFT, How to make Remittance under the above modes, International Wire Transfer through your Bankers.

Bank of Baroda New York, USA, specialized in online correspondent Banks transfer to India from USA, Rupee Remittance to India from USA and today’s Indian rupee to US dollar exchange rate since 1979. It is a story scripted in corporate wisdom and social pride. It is a story crafted in private capital, princely patronage and state ownership. It is a story of ordinary bankers and their extraordinary contribution in the ascent of Bank of Baroda to the formidable heights of corporate glory. It is a story that needs to be shared with all those millions of people – customers, stakeholders, employees & the public at large – who in ample measure, have contributed to the making of an institution i.e. Bank of Baroda.

Bank of Baroda is a Government of India undertaking, having a record of uninterrupted profits since inception. At present, it has more than 5300 branches, and also offers a global link with 105 branches / offices / subsidiaries spread out in 25 countries across the world.

This period of more than three decades is of significant service with an unblemished record of excellent reputation in US. The branch is FDIC insured since 1980 and the name of Bank of Baroda spells security, safety, soundness, service with smile and swiftness in operations. Bank believes in Trust, Transparency and Togetherness.

The state of art technology enabled banking with seamless Straight Through Processing of Wire Transfers and many other IT initiatives are in place and many more are in the offing so that we can serve our customers better. Our true strength lies in our personal and friendly approach. Bank of Baroda is not only India’s international Bank but also an emotional bank built on the edifice of more than a century of relationship banking with devoted and dedicated staff and the patronage of millions of enlightened customers.

Bank of Baroda New York, USA offers Today’s Exchange Rate USD to INR live! Find best and current US dollars to Indian rupees exchange rate for sending money to India from USA with us at http://www.bankofbaroda-usa.com.

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In August 2011 one Swiss Franc was traded for almost one Euro. That’s about 50% more than three years before. Therefore the swiss national bank introduced currency regulations in September 2011 in order to keep the exchange rate EUR/CHF above 1.20.

What do these extreme values mean? And how do they come into being? Do we actually understand the rules of our markets?

“EUR/CHF” is a real-time visualization of the exchange rate between Euro and Swiss Franc. Every time the trade market releases a new rate via the internet the new value is displayed with 5-digit precision. A color flash is triggered in order to represent the direction of change.

“EUR/CHF” was shown as a contribution to the media facade event at the Manor warehouse in Basel from December 1st – 24th, 2011.

More info about the Manor urban screening project at:

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