Jack of All Trades in: The Carpenter

Cirkus proudly presents the first episode of Jack of All Trades, a wacky 1 minute animated series centered on Jack, a regular guy with an extraordinary imagination – he’s the child in all of us. Each episode has Jack using his creativity to complete his job in a funny way.

EP 1 – “The Carpenter”: https://vimeo.com/96769064
EP 2 – “The Butcher”: https://vimeo.com/125756363
EP 3 – “The Zookeeper”: https://vimeo.com/134678132
EP 4 – “The Postman”: https://vimeo.com/134678132
EP 5 – “The Fireman”: https://vimeo.com/172042614

Read more at www.jackofalltrades.tv
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Hermitcraft 4: Episode 43 – Huge Villager Trading Station


1 Like = 1 Mending Villager!
Today we FINALLY (For the first time ever) build a villager trading station on Hermitcraft! I am so excited to get this up and running so that we can have millions and millions of items!

sZPeddy: https://www.youtube.com/user/sZPeddy

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