Openhere: 2014: CTRL ALT Currency Panel

Digital technologies have allowed for the development of new financial models and monetary forms just as the global financial crisis has brought the necessity of alternative ways of managing and producing money to the fore. How have the new tools for cooperation and exchange over networks contributed to the re-design of money? How do proposals for alternative currencies – and particularly cryptocurrencies and crypto-equity – provide a framework for a monetary form that could be managed and produced collectively? Where the speakers on this panel provide speculative and working designs for the future of money, they also consider the ways in which our monetary systems and cultures of payment and exchange continue to be enclosed in new and troubling ways. They address some of the problems and politics surrounding innovations like Bitcoin and suggest ways that we might improve and develop on these designs. With Graham Barnes, Eli Gothill, Duncan McCann, Lúí Smyth and Lana Swartz. Chaired by Nigel Dodd.

Lúí Smyth: A Bitcoin Primer
Lana Swartz: Histories and Politics of Payment, Public and Private
Eli Gothill: #PunkMoney: Exploring Post-monetary Alternatives
Duncan McCann: Why have Complementary Currencies Not Changed the World?
Graham Barnes: Intentional Currencies and Money as a Commons.

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