Currencies in the binary option market

Hi everyone, Lexie here once again with another sweet and quick binary choice video.
Today I wish to talk a little about currencies, or more specifically– the leading currencies on the binary options market.
Many brokers will offer you lots of currencies to trade on, offering you great deals of trade alternatives, however I would recommend that a minimum of early in your trading profession you adhere to the bigger ones, the reason being fairly fundamental– finding news sources and credible info for the larger currencies is a lot simpler than it is for smaller sized ones.
Let’s have a look at currencies that make a difference:
1)You can not begin a list of currencies without the U.S dollar, rather possibly the most popular currency in the world; many items are traded using the dollar, practically every nation trades it to some degree and it originates from possibly the most powerful economy in the world, providing it a lot of make the most of.
2)The Euro represent the combined financial might of over 20 nations, making it a currency that is 2nd to practically none, it is a little challenging to forecast often given that it is effected by the financial resources of all the economies it represents.
3)The British pound is one of the earliest currencies around, and it is still being utilized as a trading chip for numerous other ownerships, making it an incredibly effective currency, and one who’s high level of conversion versus other currencies can usually be anticipated with accuracy.
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The US Dollar Is Consolidating

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– Data on the UK labour market at 11:30 (GMT+3:00);
The US dollar is now changing against a basket of major currencies. The US dollar index (#DX) closed trading session with a small increase (+ 0.13%) yesterday. Trading activity and volatility in the foreign exchange market declined as investors focused on the book of economic releases, which may signal further adjustments in interest rates of global Central stocks. Monetary market participants will evaluate statistics from the United States, Germany and the UK Now.
Even the “black gold” prices are steady. At the moment, futures for the WTI crude petroleum are analyzing $59.85 per barrel. At 23:30 (GMT+3:00) API weekly crude oil stock is going to be published.
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The US government bonds yield fell slightly. Right now, the indicator is in the amount of 2.08-2.09 percent.

The News Impact on 2019.07.16:

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Throughout the trading session, the New Zealand consumer price index was released, that has met market expectations and counted to 0.6% (q/q). The British pound is still because of the uncertainty regarding Brexit. The key contenders for the post of leader of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, asserted that they were ready into the no-deal Brexit.
We also advocate paying attention by the Governor of the Bank of FOMC and also England representatives.

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