What happened to Australia’s one and two cent coins when they were withdrawn from the market in the early nineties? They were shaped into awards for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
Physical and digital forms of currency continue to be repurposed, from the expiry of pounds and shillings in the 60s to the introduction of ATMs in the 80s. But digital currency is developing even more quickly – and many argue that the redundancy of cash is a question of not if, but when. Does it all sound a little confusing? Watch this short animation on the history – and future – of money. It might help assuage you that the way currency is designed is most often with humans in mind.

Illustrations : Mark Conlan

Animation: Savva Tsekmes

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The ECO Currency project originates from the hypothesis that an important factor in our current environmental crisis is the disconnect between the economic ecology and the environmental ecology. Environmental issues could be addressed by linking these two spheres in a better way.

After an explorative design research project, three key recommendations for future actions were formulated. For more background information and support please visit and like our video

Voice: Sean Lynch, Music: Armand Amar

Thanks to Koert van Mensvoort and Luna Maurer

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