Fidelity Lobby Interactive – motion currency example

The Challenge:
Everyday on the 14th floor of Fidelity’s 245 Summer St. building in Boston, MA, leaders from F500 companies, nations and start-ups meet with Fidelity executives to develop financial strategies to enable future success. The lobby of this floor needed an update to enhance the visitor experience and highlight Fidelity as a financial and technological leader.

The Solution:
As the Director, Strategic Accounts for Downstream, I drove the creative strategy that ultimately utilized real time market data to power an interactive, multi-touch inforgraphics experience that presented financial data in a manner that blended art with function. The goal was to create a polished experience that drew vistors in to engage with a design that at the same time was foreign, familiar, visionary and rooted in a history of innovation in market analysis. My specific responsibilities include gathering of client goals through workshops and interviews, creation of creative/technical briefs, creative design iteration advancement, client approval and implementation. The result was a beautiful and highly progressive communication that allowed visitors to experience the Fidelity brand and market analysis prowess in a exciting new way.

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