Calvertr2 : Units Converter Android App

Total 1400+ units are included – most comprehensive unit converter in the market.
Calvertr2 is the most comprehensive, simplest, customizable and usable unit converter with the calculator in the market. This will replace all the unit converter you have on your device and the last you will have to look for.
This intuitive unit converter is useful for range of people in Finance (Currency Converter), Plumber, Cook, Students, Scientists, Businessmen, or any person with specialty occupation who needs conversion of any kind and will greatly appreciate the simplicity, ease of use, usability, depth and speed.
App also includes custom calculator and porting your conversion results to the calculator with just two taps.

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Calvertr2 : Fastest Unit and currency Converter with calculator

Having multiple apps for various conversions are not useful for everyone. Also, it is inconvenient to copy and paste data from converter app to calculator app for basic post-calculations. Considering these pain points, we designed Calvertr2 that includes 1400+ units converter and built in calculator.
This is the most comprehensive converter app in the market. We carefully designed to minimize user’s taps for:
1. Finding units
2. Find conversions or converted units
3. Enter the numbers
4. Save conversion
5. Save units to favorite
6. Access favorite units
7. Use results in calculator
App is meticulously designed for Apple Watch and has the most advanced, customizable widget. There is lot to love for advanced users with added 12 language support.

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Free Unit Converter App

Unit Converter Bot is an amazingly smart unit conversion robot for your Android touch devices. Convert between over 500 units across over 20 categories including , currency, time, length, and many more using a single touch.
Visit for more application like Free Unit Converter Apps. Also visit Google play to download

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How to Create a Simple Basic Currency Converter in PHP

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Let’s assume, we want to create a simple Currency Converter in PHP and without using MySql. So yes smile emoticon it is possible, you just need a basic knowledge of PHP to create it by yourself. So in this tutorial I have created a basic program of Currency Converter with the help of PHP.

Created By : Muhammed Hussain Hingora | Web Soft Programs

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How to build your own currency conversion app in less than 75 lines of code.

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