Calvertr2 : Units Converter Android App

Total 1400+ units are included – most comprehensive unit converter in the market.
Calvertr2 is the most comprehensive, simplest, customizable and usable unit converter with the calculator in the market. This will replace all the unit converter you have on your device and the last you will have to look for.
This intuitive unit converter is useful for range of people in Finance (Currency Converter), Plumber, Cook, Students, Scientists, Businessmen, or any person with specialty occupation who needs conversion of any kind and will greatly appreciate the simplicity, ease of use, usability, depth and speed.
App also includes custom calculator and porting your conversion results to the calculator with just two taps.

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“Currencies” Currency Converter

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* Created with love for the traveller in you *
Autodetect the Local Currency wherever you are and convert to multiple Currencies at once! Add personal Notes to conversions to remember what it was all about.

– Convert to multiple currencies at once
– 17 Color THEMES
– 165+ Currencies with Search
– Works offline
– Add NOTES to remember what a conversion was all about
– Conversion DETAILS with Exchange Rate and Map

Everything is at yout fingertips, yet only when you need it. Drag the handle up to reveal the conversion history and down for your favorites.
– One tap on the Pin Icon will set the currency to whichever it is at your current location.
– Tap the Home Icon to convert to your home currency


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