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Working with a couple of very nice guys in Australia, I helped them create a video explaining what their company does. They needed something that made their complicated software understandable to the average person. Something that focused less on the boring tech jargon, and more on the exciting part: How it makes you more money.

Here is what we came up with. It’s fun, simple, and I especially liked turning the company founders into cartoon characters. πŸ™‚

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Texas Securities Commissioner fines Grove Capital Management over violation of plain language rule

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Grove Capital had never updated its Component 2 brochure. From 2014 to August 2018, the company added three new customers who obtained.
Along with the fine, the company agreed to hire an outside consultant to help it comply with securities laws.

Part 2 is a plain language narrative that serves as the principal disclosure document for investment consultants. It contains information about:
The regulator informs the public that investment advisers are expected to provide their desktop data. Part 1 is a check-the-box type with information regarding the IA’s business, workers, possession, customers, and any disciplinary actions between the IA or its own employees.

  • Prices and compensation;
  • Multiple prices tucked to a”wrap fee” charged to clients;
  • Conflicts of attention that the firm has or may have in representing someone;
  • Business’s social networking reports;
  • kinds of clients the company needs;
  • Disciplinary information, if any, concerning the company and its workers;
  • When and how the firm testimonials client balances;
  • Fiscal info concerning the firm.

Investors must thoroughly review Parts 2 and 1 before doing business.

Prior to 2011, disclosures were produced by advisers at a format. The present Part 2 takes that an advisor to prepare some plain English story booklet disclosing information business practices, fees and compensation, conflicts of interest, and other required disclosures.
The IA’s business practices and some changes the company has undergone recently;

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