Evolver Presents Thrive: Complementary Currency part 1 of 5

THRIVE New York presents

The Future of Money: Keeping Wealth in Your Neighborhood

Come learn about starting a complementary currency and how new forms of exchange build value in your community.

Join us for a panel discussion and Q&A with:

Sarah Hearn is an NYC native who now lives in Great Barrington, MA and is a full-time staff member of the E.F. Schumacher Society. The Society promotes the building of strong, local economies that link people, land and community. Sarah is heavily involved in the administration of the BerkShares local currency program, which circulates in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts.
Paul Glover is the founder of the Ithaca HOURS local currency, the Ithaca Health Alliance, Citizen Planners of Los Angeles, and author of several books and urban histories. He has degrees in Marketing and in City Management. After 35 years of community organizing on behalf of grassroots economic development and ecological repair, he now runs a consultancy called GreenPlanners.
Charles Eisenstein is the author of The Yoga of Eating, Transformational Weight Loss, and the blog Ascent of Humanity. He gives lectures and workshops focused on holistic health and the transformation of civilization and has written several papers on our societal relationship to money. He has a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from Yale University.

Get involved in developing a new community currency.

MORE INFO: thrivecurrency@gmail.com

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