Personal Currency: The Future of Money

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Money, currency, capital, credit. It has many names but only one use: our tool for exchange. And as important as money is, it’s unfortunately not well understood by most people, to their peril. As representative of the actual value of things in the world, money has no value in itself-the value of money is “borrowed” from the potential things that can be purchased with it. And because there is so much in the world, and so many different people, you would think that money would be as diverse and adjustable as the agreements we make with one another every day. But it’s not. Government currencies like the dollar and the euro are one-dimensional, outdated vehicles for wealth. There’s so much more potential inherent within the concept of currency, and many are waking up to it. Change is coming to money, and fast. New tools like Bitcoin show us that technology can change the way we think about money. With amazing new ideas and conventions are new questions, like: What is value? What is wealth? Are these things fully captured by modern money, or could it be better? What if everyone had a currency? What if they already do? Welcome to the future of money.

Stories Lived – The Exchange

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Jeff Harmes, an aspiring landscape artist, uses being homeless to his best advantage. Despite his current living circumstance, he upgrades the streets of L.A with his inspiring masterpieces. There are several untrue stereotypes about the homeless, we need to change the way we view them. Jeff Harmes is a perfect example.

There is a lot that happens around the world we cannot control. We cannot stop earthquakes, we cannot prevent droughts, and we cannot prevent all conflict, but when we know where the hungry, the homeless and the sick exist, then we can help.

Change the way you see the homeless, make them visible.

About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Aissa Carnet

Aissa has won top awards at each annual Film Stock, for the films she has directed and edited. She has several films under her belt that she has written, produced, directed and edited. Last year’s documentary film on the plight of the homeless, “THE EXCHANGE”, received many accolades across the nation as she created it in hopes to inspire a change in the way we see the homeless across the world.

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Currency and the Future

Interpreting the word “change” both as a signifier of transformation and, in the English context, a synonym of coinage, this film explores the physical change of American currency over the span of a century, as well as the trajectory of current global economics

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How to change currency settings to support Multiple Currency Conversion | Shopify 2017

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