Fall of Europe

An animated infographic that details how what is commonly known as ‘the sovereign debt crisis’ in the Eurozone is in reality a class struggle event, in which the fixed exchange rate is used to shift the costs of the economy from capital to salary. The soundtrack is ‘Dark Tension’ by Stanko Beronja, which I found on Jamendo. Please visit http://www.sovietunit.net for more on this project.

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Foreign Stock, Capital Gains and the Impact on Your Expat Tax Return

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Greenback expert David McKeegan explains what you need to know when selling foreign stock and how capital gains are handled on tax returns.

“Does the sale of a foreign stock fund require any special handling regarding capital gains and losses? Basically what we are going to need to do here is look at the currency conversion to determine your sale price. You need to find your basis in that stock which is the price you bought it at, including any trading commission you paid. What you’ll do is be able to use that to determine whether or not you have a capital gain or a capital loss. If you bought a stock for $5 and you sold it for $10 you’ll have a capital gain of $5.

Then you can add in the commissions you have on either side to lower the capital gain as well.”

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