Dr. Romanelli for Boylston Trading Co “Reconstruct” Collection

Boylston Trading Company is proud to present the second part of their denim project with Dr. Romanelli and Japanese brand, Anachronrom. For this release, DRx has reconstructed Anachronorm x BTC denim using various vintage jeans and soft Italian leather to create a super limited offering of 5 pieces. All pairs are unique and feature different panel locations and materials.

The “Reconstruct” capsule will be available via The Boylston Trading Company Site on May 28.

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Boylston Trading Co Presents ‘Harun’

Boylston Trading Company interviews the founder of Harun International Chace Infinite

Boylston Trading Company partners with Harun International on an exclusive bead accessory capsule. Made with 4mm and 8mm natural Jade, Red Jasper, Matte Onyx and Lapis, each bracelet and necklace is available in limited quantities.

Harun is based out of New York City and specialize in rare oils and bead accessories.

Available now at www.BoylstonTradingCo.com

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