Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

What is Bitcoin?

With the advent of Bitcoin, the world’s premier digital currency, for the first time in history money is no longer controlled by banks or governments, but by the people who use it.

But where did this currency come from? How does it work? And is it truly the way forward, or just a flash in the pan?

Magic Money answers these questions and more as it explores the mysterious origins of Bitcoin, its role in society, and how it could shape the future of our world.

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BITCOIN is yet in it‘s infancy. Like internet was in 1990. Now think what it will be like in the next 20 years? Cause each new technology has a tendency to grow faster and faster.

Bitcoin has virtually all the major features of physical gold, as “the measure of value”
and it also has all required features of ultimate modern currency. Currency of the XXI century.
It is:
– Durable
– Higly portable
– Easy divisible
– Verifiable
– Easy to store
– Fungible
– Difficult to counterfeit
– Widespread Usage ( with no physical, economical or political borders).

It will never ever suffer from value inflation.
The algorithm is open source, so there is nothing to “crack” or hack.

BITCOIN have enemies. Banks, some governments most likely will try to kill it.
They may even succeed. But nobody can KILL THE IDEA.
The idea of safe, decentralised, ultimate crypto currency will stay with us FOREVER.

FILMED AND EDITED BY Iveta Peteraityte
VOICE OVER BY Viktoras Peteraitis


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Hive45 Singularity Podcast #53 – Bitcoin P2P Virtual Currency

Decentralized, untraceable, untaxable, completely anonymous, virtual peer-to-peer currency for this week ending the 10/04/11: we discuss Bitcoin and the future of currency and financial transactions, take a look at Three’s new online store concept with live video salespeople and Minority Report touch interface, Google’s April fools joke actually comes to life, X-Prizes for algorithms are advancing rapidly and near future scenarios for X-Prize innovation, camera software can track and trace objects and faces seamlessly. Plus a how-to vid on setting-up a Bitcoin miner at the end. Enjoy 🙂

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Three Online Shop With Real Salespeople, Gmail Motion, ICT MxR Lab’s Response to Google’s Gmail Motion, Kinect on a Quadrocopter, Healthy Competition, X PRIZE Fountation, $3million Heritage Health Prize, Predator: Smart Camera That Learns, Bitcoin P2P Virtual Currency, What is Bitcoin? (Video), Bitcoin Mining Hardware Comparison

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