Bitcoin Travel Currency Animation

Holiday makers and frequent travellers currently loose significant amounts of money due to poor currency exchange rates and bank charges, but if they switched to using Bitcoin, a currency with no banks, such charges would be avoided. With this insight, I therefore decided to rebrand Bitcoin as a travel currency, to increase the profile of the digital currency and to attract a mainstream audience.

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How do crypto currencies work? – Erik Engheim

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You have probably heard about the now infamous digital currency Bitcoin. Involved in crime and major heists of millions of dollars. Are these currencies just a ponzi scheme? Is it as unsafe to use as it seems in the media? This talk will look at how two very different kinds of crypto currencies and payment systems work: Bitcoin and Ripple.

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2139 BTC

Bitcoin was the world’s first decentralised digital currency. Invented in 2009 under the anonymous pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, it facilitates anonymous electronic peer-to-peer payments, without the intervention of a central governing authority.

Bitcoins – generated through ‘mining’ – a process where computer software challenges the hardware to calculate complex mathematical, time-consuming algorithms. The network pragmatically adjusts the difficulty of the algorithms as computer hardware evolves. Bitcoin exchange rates have increased up to 4000 percent since the beginning of 2013. At the turn of the last century, Melbourne was leading Australia with the adoption of Bitcoin, with over 40 stores accepting the digital currency as payment. A finite total of 21 million Bitcoins can be mined, predicted to last until 2140.

The year is 2139, Melbourne.

The economic, social, civil and urban climates are in drastic flux. The anonymity and unpredictability of Bitcoin imagines a volatile, tense environment.

2139 BTC is a cautionary tale of the future, explored through a multitude of scales and exaggerated environments, envisioning the culmination of a modern day gold rush.

Created using: 3ds Max, VRay, After Effects and Premier Pro

Master of Architecture – Design Studio E
The University of Melbourne
United Make

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Making Of Cryptocurrency Slang For Beginners

In November 2017 I was lured into the world of cryptocurrency. I’d obviously heard of bitcoin a few years back, but suddenly everyone was talking about it and I became hooked on the ins and outs of the world of digital currency and it’s possibilities for the future. Once you’ve gone down the rabbit hole of crypto, you realise there’s a huge community that’s been developing their own global trading slang, which I’ve had fun trying to explain in this series. I hope it offers some help and entertainment to anyone that dares to join me in these speculative markets!

Thanks to Paul Douglas for lending his vocal talents, and Paul Orwell for the sound.

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