Swissquote registers 13.8% increase in net profit in 2018

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Operating earnings were up 16.2% from the year earlier to CHF 225.4 million. Net earnings climbed 14.3% attaining CHF 214.5 million.

Swiss provider of online trading and financial services Swissquote Group Holding SA (SWX:SQN) has previously today posted a record of solid financial metrics to 2018, with revenues and profits growing in yearly terms.

Operating expenses were 13.2% greater than a year before because of investment in engineering, marketing and workers.

The integration of Internaxx is intended, which implies fresh platform, added products and additional advertising and advertising and advertising expenses. Also, Swissquote Pte Ltd has been founded in Singapore, so a CMSL will need to be sought in the Singaporean government.

Concerning prognosis, Swissquote forecasts a 5-10% increase in operating earnings in 2019. However on the downside, thanks partially to a slow trading start this year and one-off investments in geographic expansion, the company expects its pre-tax profit will fall from CHF 10 million in 2019.
Thus, net commission or commission income rose to CHF 99.5 million on the rear of increased trading activity. Internet eForex earnings grew 7.7% to CHF 71.8 million. This expansion reflected a larger amount of new customers, an increase in customer assets and a greater volume of transactions. Net interest income also rose (+68.1%) as a consequence of the steady rise in short-term interest rates in the united states and the increasing volumes of customer assets in overseas currencies. By comparison, net trading revenue fell 6.5%.

The funding ratio amounted to 29.0% in 2018, up from 26.1% in 2017. Total equity increased by 19.3% to CHF 352.2 million. Of this sum, EUR 27.7 million will soon likely probably be withdrawn as a result of the cost of Luxembourg-based Internaxx Bank S.A. The transaction was accepted by Luxembourg and European supervisory authorities on March 6, 2019. Swissquote anticipates the transaction to complete before the end of their first quarter of 2019.

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