Spotware releases cTrader Web 3.2 (beta), adding new Favourite Timeframes functionality

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The Equity Chart in the plan profile is now more detailed providing traders with info about deposit and withdrawal transactions. Finally, there is a new option”Show Positions To”, which allows strategy providers to select that sees their open places: everyone or just their copiers.
Favourite Timeframes with chart tastes are merged on the left side of the graphs. Also, traders’ favorite periods for all tick- and – time-based chart types are made available directly from the chart title bar. This enables dealers to tick the desirable periods to include them into the Favourite Timeframes for rapid accessibility. Furthermore, traders may switch between them with the Up and Down arrows.
The symbol Finder has transferred to a new tab alongside Watchlists allowing traders to rapidly switch between the two at the menu.

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The updated version of cTrader Web 3.2 also presents several upgrades to cTrader Duplicate  that has recently become its native attribute.
The menu could be dropped vertically hiding less frequently used menu sections in the below submenu. It can also be resized to reveal in complete longer symbols in a single ’s Watchlists or Finder. Traders can fall it completely by clicking on the menu button.

To provide investors with a full market image, the normal DoM was added into the Active Symbol Panel’s Order tab. Users of the platform may check it from the DoM tab at this ASP panel as before along with different types of DoM.

Fintech expert Spotware Systems has just announced the launch of cTrader Web 3.2 (Beta) introducing quite a few new attributes, which range from new Favourite Timeframes with graph tastes to the accession of Standard DoM to the ASP Order tab.