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In this video, I'll take you through settingup your Client Preferences, something that you'll need to do when you first open and start running the software.

Up on your tool bar, click on File and Client Preferences.

You'll notice that the workstation or computer that you're actually running on will appear on the screen.

What we needto do is select it and then up on your tool bar, select Edit.

Once we're in here, we can now assign a name on this computer.

Let's say this isyour back of house computer.

Down here, we can allocate a tool that a code associated with it.

Let's say, for example, this is your head office, we can put HO in here.

Typically, this would be more for a multi-branch operation so that you could label certain computers in different locations and different branches.

For now, we'll just keep this on this demonstration.

Now, we come down to our Print Options.

We need to select a printer.

Now, we need to allocate that printer to what we need that to print.

For example, this Brother is our Receipt Printer, so clicking on the black line applies that right here.

If for Cheque Printing want to use adifferent printer, we then select again on the backline.

Select right here and it will come through for your Cheque Printer.

Now we need to set our page formats.

For our Cheque Printer, let's say A5.

Again, select right on the black line.

For our Receipt Printer, we'll just use Letter.

We need to set the orientation.

For both, we're going to do our portrait orientation.

Right here, you can, if want to, provide extra copies.

When you print one, you can have them print two and so on and so forth.

Down here, in our invoice receipt format, click and it will bring up choices for you.

If you have a thermal printer, you can select Thermal.

If you just have a regular printer, you just want the Large print invoice.

We can select right here.

Let's go with the Large and click OK.

We're going to leave Invoice entry format blank for now.

In our Module Launcher Style, we always want to select the Default Browser.

Down in you Cheque format, I'm just going to pick the most popular, which is the Computer Cheques which typically is amount and then name.

Now we have some options we can select as well.

These are really your own personal preferences but we can preview invoice after saving just simply by selecting.

Automatically open a new invoice after saving.

We can also print the invoice after saving automatically as well.

Every time we want to print a cheque, we might not always want to print it, so we can ask to print before it actually does.

You'll notice two tabs up here.

Let's go to the Misc Settings now as well.

Once I'm here, we can display currencies panel on startup if we want to.

That's an option.

Display rates panel on startup, display all invoices on startup, and perform integrity checks at startup on this workstation.

Down in our Picture IDs Folders, when we scan IDs when customers come in and we want to attach these to those customers, we want the system to pull from our picture ID file that we have set up.

We need to select this.

Let's go and select our main folder on our desktop.

I just happen to have on the desktop the Picture ID folder.

We're going to select Picture ID and you'll see the path right here.

Then, we also want to select an archive folder so that everything will then archived into that folder once we select that.

Right here, I have the Archive folder and again, the path is now seen below.

We want to save these preferences.

We just need to click Save.

You'll notice some of the columns have filled in what we just typed in as well.

We got the Back pf the house.

We have the options that we selected, so it's going to print the cheques, it's going to ask, and the print invoice as well.

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Setting the Client Preferences in CurrencyXchanger 4.0 (CXR) | Currency Exchange Software

In CurrencyXchanger 4.0 the system preferences must be configured in two places, the server preferences and the client preferences. This video is about configuring the client preferences.

This tutorial shows how to setup the default printer, cheque printer and different system preferences by configuring the client preferences dialog. It also shows how to setup the default folder for scanned picture IDs. The client preference setting must be done for each computer connected to the network.

When you are running a standalone version of CXR, you still need to configure the printer by setting up the client preferences. The terms client in this context refers to the workstation that is connected to a server or running on its own.